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  1. SheikhSheikha

    AC5300 mode kills 2.4GHz internet access.

    Hi there, I have two AC5300. One is the router. The second is configured as repeater. both are configured with Merlin 384.9 (installed the proper way). In repeater Mode 2.4GHz is working on the repeating router but not capable to access the internet. (so devices can connect but do not get...
  2. C

    Problems adding Blue Cave to existing Aimesh

    These blue cave APs are a great price point, but I'm not sold on their functionality. I was able to add on to my existing network, but it causes stability issues and there is an SSID broadcast with no password. This ONLY happens when the Blue Cave is on. I'm also having an issue trying to add...
  3. S

    RT-AC5300 or other asus routers wifi slow down after less than 24h

    I have RT-AC5300 as router connected in pppoe, it is also the imesh node so the other router in my home are only AP. It is also the one that have more connections compare to the others (AC88u, AC3100). The firmware is for every router/AP We are talking normally to have less...
  4. J

    AIMesh Backhaul Through Ethernet and re-enable Tri-Band

    With the latest firmware update to the AC5300, the backhaul method is through the 5.2GHz channel and smart connect is now on dual band. I have an RT-AC5300 as my router for AIMesh and an AC88U as the node. The node is connected through ethernet and so I was wondering if I can move the 5300 back...
  5. J

    Asus AC-5300 (Asus Merlin) and Portal Wifi

    Thank you all for reading this first off. Here is what I am attempting to accomplish and wanted some opinions and data points around then best approach to a solution. Here is my goal: With using what I have already can i configure and setup a solid wifi network. What I have: 1 Asus AC-5300...
  6. N

    ASUS AC5300 Dual WAN

    Hi, I have an ASUS RT-AC5300 configured in dual WAN load-balancer mode I'm using a script to send upload intensive traffic out via WAN0 and download intensive traffic out via WAN1. The problem here is that WAN1 intermittently drops out and I'd like it to failover if this happens. Does anyone...
  7. K

    AiMesh unstable with third ethernet-backhaul RT-AC68U node

    I have an RT-AC5300 as the AiMesh router, and then multiple RT-AC68U AiMesh nodes. F/W: All nodes were factory reset and installed per instructions, with wired backhaul the 2.4Ghz band has Roaming Assistant, Airtime Fairness, Multi-User MIMO, Universal Beamforming off Nearly...
  8. J

    ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Support

    Hello! I'd like to get Asuswrt-Merlin running on my GT-AC5300. I've been using the firmware for a long time on my AC-66U and would like to get it running on my new router since the AC-66U isn't being supported anymore. I tried flashing the RT-AC5300 firmware to see if it would work but I got...
  9. N

    ASUS WAN Setup - Dual or other config

    Hi, Here's my scenario: My kit is an ASUS RT-AC5300 running Merlin 384.6 firmware with a second AC5300 working as a hard wired AP. I have terrible UPLOAD on my home broadband. I mean TERRIBLE. It is on average 0.4Mbps! My download on home broadband is 12-18Mbps. I've spoken to everyone and...
  10. cammelspit

    VLAN Guest WIFI isolation, AP Mode

    Hey guys, I am in need of some help here. I am in a situation where I have a large number of rommates/guests connected to my WIFI. I am using an ASUS AC5300 as my access point. DHCP and everything is handled my a pfSense instance running on my unRaid server. Here is my problem. When I set the...
  11. A

    Using RT-AC5300 firmware on GT-AC5300 ?

    Has anyone tried the AsusWRT Merlin firmware for RT-AC5300 on the GT-AC5300 ? I want to know if it will work, or if/what gets broken, etc? Thanks in advance! Really hope Merlin will support the GT-AC5300 in the future!
  12. Lord Kamina

    Setting up AiMesh: RT-AC88U not detected as node.

    I recently decided to go full-retard and on a recent trip to the US I bought a GT-5300, an RT-5300 and an RT-AC88U. My idea is to set up an AiMesh network with the GT5300 as primary, the RT5300 as a wireless node and the AC88U as a wired node. I didn't have any issue setting up the GT5300...
  13. B

    Access Point System log Issue After Update to 384.4

    I have two AC5300 routers, one configured as Wireless Router and the other as Access Point. I updated both from 380.69_2 to 384.4 a couple of days ago and both seem to be working fine. I have not yet reset to factory defaults since both are working well and the few settings that have been...
  14. M

    AiMesh - LAN Ports on Nodes? (AC5300/88U/68U)

    I recently I had a WiFi repeater die, and was excited to give the AiMesh a try since I have had a 68U as my main router for a few years. I did some research on this forum and it looks like the LAN ports and WiFi are supposed to be available in AiMesh mode, which is exactly what I need. For the...
  15. K

    RT-AC5300 (AiMesh Firmware)

    Got this from Its latest firmware for the AC5300 that adds AiMesh support to the router plus all the latest security/bug fixes that can be found in the AC88U recent firmware. Iv uploaded it to my Google drive, this is a beta firmware so be warned!
  16. B

    Plex Remote Access on asuswrt Merlin close but not working

    Hi, I'm new, so my apologies in advance if have I screwed up, or omit an important part. I have an ASUS RT-AC5300 router with Asuwrt-Merlin 380.68 and am using ExpressVPN. I have the VPN working using OpenVPN. I route all traffic over the VPN. I have created exceptions for Amazon FireTV...
  17. losdelrock

    Asus Router App - iPhone.

    Hi All, not sure what firmware this started happening at but probably 380.66 or thereabouts. My Asus Router App (iPhone in my case) now no longer connects, on first run it sees the router, for a split second it connects, then says connecting then comes up "Connection failed". Asus AC5300...
  18. F

    Side bar of setting page of AC5300 with the verison of 380.68

    I have just upgraded the firmware version from 380.67 to 380.68. However, when I opened the setting page, the side bar which should be full of tabs (Such as WIFI, System Utilities, and VPN tabs) disappeared. I have even rebooted, but that did not help with anything. Wish someone could solve this...
  19. K

    WTFast stays with the change to Merlin?

    Hi there. I just ordered an ASUS AC5300 that will be here tomorrow and prior to this purchase, I did a lot of research into current hardware and firmware. The obvious choice for firmware became very clear and I fully intend to change it to Asuswrt-Merlin during setup. I've found plenty of...
  20. S

    Asus AC5300 SSL / HTTPS Install & Configuration Help Please

    Hello Small Net Builders! Sorry, first post and it's a long one. While I am no stranger to networking and router configuration I have never had to deal with https before and the installation of SSL certificates has me baffled. I am hoping to find some help here. The goal is to allow secure...