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  1. S

    AC5300 with RT-N66U as Repeater

    Hello Folks, New to the forum and not much of a networking expert, but I have tried to find some advice/direction as to what I am attempting to do and have not been able. My primary router Asus AC5300 (stock firmware) and at the opposite ends of the house on the second floor we have weak...
  2. Slapdaddy

    AC5300 on 380.66.4 "Forgetting" QoS Rules

    Hello...been a while since I've been around here but I've got a legitimate issue that some smart minds can definitely help me figure out.. :) I've got an AC5300 running the latest Merlin firmware (this issue has persisted on ALL firmware revisions since I've owned the router). I've got quite a...
  3. D

    ASUS AC5300 SSH in Lan not working to intel edison

    Hoping for some help. I replaced my old linksys wireless router with a new Asus AC5300. The router is plugged into a cable modem. I am trying to access an Intel edison via SSH. I have it set to the same internal ip by mac address in settings. No matter what, however, I cannot ssh into...
  4. PisceanDreamer

    DSCP Re-Markings

    I am currently running Merlin 380.65 on an AC5300 and have a need to re-mark the DSCP values. In particular I'd like to change the one for SIP from possibly 26 to a higher value such as 46. I've tried to do a bit of reading and don't seem to be getting anywhere. Only bits here and there that...
  5. haddad123

    asus ac5300 client update problem!!

    i have asus ac5300 and my problem is : the client list dosent update when a client disconnect from the router the list only show the new connected client but when someone disconnect he still be on the list but shown as wired . example : the client list are empty now 1)one client connected (the...
  6. A

    Asus AC5300 (Merlin 380.63) with Comcast XB3 Bridge Mode

    I have an issue that has been re-occuring for quite some time... I have a Comcast XB3 (DPC3941T) that is in Bridge mode - and my AC5300 (380.63) behind it. Every day or so (sometimes, multiple times a day), my Asus router loses Internet connectivity - the physical light remains white, but for...
  7. losdelrock

    Asus AC5300 versus HP M175NW Wifi issues.

    Hi there, I have had the above router for around 3 months now and kept the stock Asus firmware with a few niggly issues. Apologies for the long post, here goes, I am doing all this from a MacBook. Every time I made a Wifi (or almost any other) change, the Asus would drop the Wifi and I would...
  8. P

    AC5300 wont complete boot, managed to get CFE miniweb server once

    Hello all, Just got a second AC5300, first one works like a charm and this one is going to be used for business, however after setting a basic config and updating firmware to latest version. I left it at the office over the weekend and now monday it wont let me access it. I cannot seem to get...
  9. thiggins

    D-Link DIR-895L/R AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi Router Reviewed

    ] D-Link's DIR-895L/R AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi Router is late to the AC5300 party, yet still doesn't have working MU-MIMO. Read on SmallNetBuilder
  10. M

    Bridge or AP mode when using the Asus ac5300 and ASUS RP-ac68u?

    Hey guys, I recently bought the both of these as the router is in the garage and I need to connect my media devices. I'm just wondering what is the best way to connect them in regards to the RP-ac68u? I only need to connect wired, and don't care much about wireless atm. Will I get better...
  11. M

    RT-AC5300 providing only 10% of its bandwidth

    Hi all, Finally made the step over to Asus from the Netgear world, and I've been poking around the AC5300's interface for several hours. It's all good, BUT . . . For some reason, the gigabit ethernet network I had with the old router is now a 100 Mbps network. Where I used to get iperf rates...
  12. MichaelR64

    Ditching the AC87.. now what ? 5300 / 3200 /88 ?

    So after a year with the AC87 i decided to ditch it because of the bad 5Ghz connections. Actually the connections are mostly ok but i see that sometimes pictures wont load or browsing and other apps are just slow in loading stuff. Disconnecting and going tru my LTE connection just blazes away...
  13. N

    Linksys EA9500 vs Asus RT-AC5300 (tests enclosed)

    In short Signal strength 2.4 GHz: winner Asus Signal strength 5 GHz: winner Asus Speed (throughput) 2.4 GHz: winner Asus (in fringe locations it was much faster than Linksys on 2.4 GHz). Speed (throughput) 5 GHz at closer ranges : winner Asus Speed (throughput) 5 GHz at further ranges ...