asus rt-ac86u

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  1. T

    ASUSWRT_Samba_Fixer no longer works after reboot

    Hello folks I have been using an Asus Rt-AC86U router for several years. For me it is very important that I can access my individual SSDs and HDs on the USB3 port individually via Samba. That's why I installed the Samba_Fixer ( It ran for years...
  2. Wobbo

    RT-AC86U LED Management Issue After Reboot (Firmware 386.12_4)

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and seeking assistance with my ASUS RT-AC86U router, currently on Firmware 386.12_4. The issue is with the LED management: despite turning them off in the settings, they automatically turn back on after every reboot, even though the settings indicate they should be...
  3. Y

    ASUS AC86U Firmware merlin 386.11 - NAT Loopback not working please help !

    Hello folks ! I am trying to make my NAT Loopback works on my router ASUS AC86U. The main object is to be able to access, within my network, to my NAS using it's DDNS hostname. The problem is that I see no GUI to switch on this feature. There is no documentation on this subject and I don't...
  4. I

    Not getting full speed with Asus RT-AC86U

    Hello all! I was wondering if anyone knows what I should do to get my full download speed from my Asus RT-86U router. I've tried the recommendations on these 2 forums:
  5. B


    Im Running an ASUS RT-AC86U on Merlin for some years nowThe only other thing I just thaught of is, I have everthing running through a managed switch. So Router WAN is directly conected to NBN modem via dedicated data point in my office, then 1 ethernet from ASUS Router to the switch in my...
  6. J

    VPN client on RT-AC68U wireless

    I bought two routers last month, one from Gl.inet and an Asus RT-AC68U. I see it is impossible to use my RT-AC68U router as a VPN client in router mode. I want to connect my Asus router to my home router wirelessly and still be able to use OpenVPN or Wireguard, just like the little gl.inet...
  7. J

    IP isn't changing when connected to the VPN

    Hi All, I have an OpenVPN profile that I've created on my asus rt-ac86u. If I connect to the VPN and then view my IP Address it's still showing the external IP of the network the device is on and not the VPN's IP. I've been told I need to check the VPN settings and there should be a tick-box to...
  8. J

    asus rt-ac86u vpn isn't working and showing my WAN IP

    Hi All, I had the VPN working well on my asus rt-ac86u but after a new router install from Virgin Media and some hard resets later to fix other issues, I'm now left with a VPN that doesn't work. I use the OpenVPN option in the router to create the profile and I've noticed that it's now...
  9. R

    Isolate IP cameras

    I recently posted a related thread on SuperUser, but thought I'd post a modified version here to get advice specific to Asuswrt-Merlin. I'm planning to install a home surveillance system consisting of 7 PoE cameras recording 24/7 to my HTPC. I figured since my HTPC stays on 24/7, there's no...
  10. R

    New owner of ASUS RT-AC86U

    Afternoon guys, So yesterday I decided to take the plunge and pick up a new router, this was the ASUS RT-AC86U. After putting up with the Virgin Media Super Hub for 3-4 years now I thought it was time to put that into modem mode and try out a separate router to see what I have been missing out...
  11. _dumper

    Asus RT-AC86U bricked

    Hi Guys, I have problem with my rt-ac86u it's bricked during update. I tried use tools to recover firmware for mac and windows but still nothing. Ok so what i have now: - I tried method 30/30/30 - When turn on i have only power led lighting - When i connect by LAN - led of lan is lightning but...
  12. G

    ASUS RT-AC86U Antenna Upgrade / ai mesh

    Hi, so I have a RT-AC86U which is currently plugged into coaxial cable in my kitchen on the ground floor directly beneath my room, this is the most efficient place I can have my router as I'm limited by the cable length so not much option to move it around or upstairs. So the wifi signal has to...
  13. T

    Asus RT-AC86U 2.4GHZ not available in the Wi-Fi list

    I have picked up this router from CL, with this issue. 2.4GHZ not working, only the 5GHZ. I was planning on using it as a repeater, for one of my IP cameras, temporarily until I make my Ethernet cable runs. I had to try to fix it, before I would do that. I'm not an expert with these issues, but...
  14. I

    Thoughts on the linksys ea9500 v2?

    I’m leery of belkin products, firstly, but I have been looking for a router that has strong WiFi signals for a new android tv box. My current router is an 86u, and it’s in a less than ideal location for delivering signal through a chicane hallway and a bedroom door (best place I could put it)...