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  1. K

    RT-AX86U Pro dropping connection intermittently

    I purchased this router a few months back, maybe about 3-5 months ago. I haven't had too many issues using it. However, recently my internet has been spotty. The router keeps dropping wired and wireless connectivity to the internet. It lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to around 5 minutes. My ISP...
  2. S

    RT-AX86u Pro Disconnects and Reconnects Consistently at All Times

    Hello all, first post on here: I recently switched my ISP from a DSL provider to Charter Spectrum and purchased an RT-AX86U Pro to accompany the modem they provided. I thought all was well after configuring the network, but started running into issues with programs that require a constant...
  3. L

    [ISSUE] RT-AC88U Merlin 386.7_2

    Hi, I've just got a new router which is the AC88U. The first thing I did was to upgrade it to Merlin. Since that day every time I reload the router, I completely lose internet connectivity but only from the LAN. The router can still ping and DNS the outside. The only solution so far is to...
  4. S

    AiMesh not working properly on RT-AC5300

    Hi, I have an RT-AX88U as my main and RT-AC5300 as mesh mode and recently I've been having connection issues. After doing some troubleshooting and looking at the system logs I noticed the connection to the AC5300 was not working, it kept disconnecting/reconnecting. If I connected to my AX88U...
  5. W

    Ambient weather station won't connect after internet drops

    I have an Ambient weather station WS-2902C connected to an Asus RT-68U. Whenever I have a situation where the router loses its internet connection, the Ambient device will not automatically reconnect to the internet. The only way I've found to get the Ambient station connected to the internet...
  6. 999cm999

    New AC86U does not work with my work VPN LAN

    Brand new AC86U in Wireless Router Mode Xfinity Gigabit XB7 in Bridge mode ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING works great EXCEPT when I connect to my work VPN. My work uses Pulse Secure VPN client. It worked perfectly fine with my XB7. But it does not work at all on my new ASUS. I tried two different...
  7. d1t

    ASUS RT-AX88U drops connection every 5-20mins for 5s-2mins.

    When this happens my upload traffic spikes up to 90-300Mb/s. WRT-Merlin is not the issue here, it was installed to try and fix the issue. Been trying to solve this for a while, and have yet to have any success. Anytime I look for an answer, I end up on this forum, so I thought maybe someone here...
  8. amplatfus

    Option to ping from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz printer using router cron

    Hi, Because my HP older printer is entering in sleep mode, I created 2 cron jobs: */1 * * * * wget -q -O - >/dev/null 2>&1 #hpweb# */1 * * * * ping -c 1 #hpping# But now it seems that in the mornings, I still have ping but only from the ssh. The printer is on...
  9. S

    Connection and Wifi fail after changing router's IP

    Hi! After changing my AC87's local IP address from its default to something different like both the internet connection and the Wifi signal completely fail after the router's reboot. "Wifi fails" means the green icon in the upper right corner of the configuration page...
  10. A

    Problems with ESP8266 devices using Merlin (RT-AC68U)

    Hello everyone, first post here. I wonder if anyone could help me out: I've been using Merling for a while now on both my RT-AC68U (one is a router with DHCP and the other set as AP) and the couple of weeks have been really odd here. After flashing 40 ESP devices, a few of them are not able to...
  11. U

    ASUS PCE-AC88 destroys my internet connection

    Hi everyone I've tried many things but cannot solve the problem. I have a desktop computer and bought ASUS PCE-AC88. I am living in Switzerland and using Salt as internet provider. And I use their own made router My problem is very weird.. When I start my...
  12. K

    Aimesh - Did anyone give up?

    Hi, Just out of curiosity - did anyone decide to give up on their Aimesh endeavors and go all in on something else such as Orbi, Google Wifi or similar? If so, did that improve things? I am in Aimesh hell with daily connectivity issues where I need to reboot the master node to solve things...
  13. W

    PPTP over PPPoA with SpeedTouch pppd loosing connection

    I have SpeedTouch 608wl and Asus AC-68U connected together and doing PPTP over PPPoA bridge. The bridge works. When I unplug telephone line (rj-12) plug from SpeedTouch AC-68U will restore connection. Rhe same will happen when I unplug cable joining SpeedTouch and AC-68U. AC-68U will restore...
  14. R

    Can't connect to site on VPN through Asus AC68U

    I can connect to the site ( through my router, but when I connect to the VPN on my home network it doesn't connect to the site. This is strange because if I am on another network and use the VPN it works fine. I explained the situation to my IT group at work...