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  1. n9nu

    Asus GT-AX11000 & IPTV w/ Metronet FTTH - Static IP

    Hi I recently purchased a GT-AX11000 and installed the latest stable Merlin modded firmware for it and have a question/issue with getting IPTV underway The povider is Metronet via FTTH with 2Gbit symmetrical service & IPTV service with a static IP. The equipment & IPTV information is...
  2. K

    Tutorial Distributel (Bell) PPPoE passthrough/bridge without SFP, using Nokia ONT

    Big news... Bell acquired Distributel... and likely due to the CRTC ruling, is allowing Distributel to use Bell fiber lines FTTH. Very good prices ($55/month for 1Gbit) on promotion for 2 years, get that black Friday discount, at least here in Ontario, Canada! Not much documentation on the...
  3. M

    SOLVED: very asymmetric UL/DL speed on 2.5G line

    Hi. I recently got a 2.5/1 Gigabit line at my home. I have a RT-AX88U Pro, and the line uses a 2.5 gigabit FG1000R SERCOMM ONT with firmware ver. V1.03.30.038. I notice a very odd behaviour in terms of download speed. Here's some cases: A). If I try the speed test either on the ASUS graphic...
  4. P

    Community Fibre 1Gb - Asus AC86U or Linksys Velop?

    I've just had Community Fibre 1Gb installed. They installed a Linksys Velop router (but no nodes) and a modem. My existing setup was 2 x Asus AC86U to create a mesh network and I was very happy with the coverage so I simply plugged their modem into my Asus router and the connection seems to be...
  5. I

    RT-ACRH18 WAN port VLAN tagging?

    I have FTTH from my ISP supplied through custom ONT device and I am trying to replace the router. I bought a new 3rd party ONT device which connect to my ISP Fiber cable and allows me to connect with ethernet bridge mode (I've already connected it to my Windows machine and did the setup with...
  6. Saqr42

    Wifi 6 Router recommendation for 400 sq. m. building and 20+ Devices

    Dears, I am looking for the right and optimized setup for the network of my house. House is a 400 square meters building of two levels/floors with a total of 4 apartments and 4 shop lots at the ground floor. The connection is 100 MegaBits FTTH and the modem/router is Huawei Echolife HG8245Q...
  7. J

    Orange FTTH vs ipv6

    Hello, I know you dont want to introduce full vlan support for good reasons. In Poland we have Orange FTTH service being probably the most popular fiber provider. I managed to get Funbox 3.0 (router with built in ONT) with separate ONT (so i can replace Funbox 3.0 with my RT-AC88U FW 384.15)...
  8. O

    Replacing FTTH gateway with media converter

    Hi all, I want to replace the FTTH gateway provided by my ISP with a fiber to copper media converter since the gateway doesn't support bridge mode and I'm getting tired of having to deal with this box. The ISP does offer a different (older) gateway that supports bridge mode but they want me to...