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Orange FTTH vs ipv6

Discussion in 'Asuswrt-Merlin' started by justauser, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. justauser

    justauser New Around Here

    Feb 26, 2020
    I know you dont want to introduce full vlan support for good reasons.
    In Poland we have Orange FTTH service being probably the most popular fiber provider.
    I managed to get Funbox 3.0 (router with built in ONT) with separate ONT (so i can replace Funbox 3.0 with my RT-AC88U FW 384.15). They usually prefer usual customers to stick with Funbox (it has Orange DNS and other simple stuff so the user cannot break much) but i want my router as the funbox is pretty limited.
    I managed to get it working properly with ipv4, there is PPPoE and you need to tag VID 35 to WAN traffic (Internet, IPTV, IPphone is each on different vlan i have internet only) by setting
    robocfg vlan 35 ports "4t 8u"
    according to my understanding 4t is tagging on WAN port and 8u untagged vlan on virtual interface to CPU.
    I did not manage to configure ipv6 properly though. In order to have ipv6 functionality from the ISP you change the PPPoE login to [email protected]/ipv6 (actually that is on the agreement).
    When working with ipv6 "Native" settings then i can see in the logs that br0 gets proper ipv6 /56 subnet address however i cannot see proper ipv6 address on br0 so the wan is still disconnected.
    However in the web gui i can see proper ipv6 addresses designated for LAN.

    Releveant log records observed:
    01:22:59 pppd[1547]: CHAP authentication succeeded: session created in USS with key in new format
    01:22:59 pppd[1547]: CHAP authentication succeeded
    01:22:59 pppd[1547]: peer from calling number EC:38:73:xx:xx:xx authorized
    01:22:59 pppd[1547]: local LL address fe80::84e6:2eea:3fe3:xxxx
    01:22:59 pppd[1547]: remote LL address fe80::ee38:73ff:fec1:xxxx
    01:22:59 rc_service: ipv6-up 1561:notify_rc start_dhcp6c
    01:22:59 rc_service: waitting "restart_net" via ...
    01:23:01 dnsmasq-dhcp[1588]: DHCPv6 stateless on br0
    01:23:01 dnsmasq-dhcp[1588]: router advertisement on br0
    01:23:01 dnsmasq-dhcp[1588]: IPv6 router advertisement enabled
    01:23:12 WAN_Connection: Fail to connect with some issues.

    Feb 27 01:23:25 dhcp6_client: bound prefix 2a01:110f:xxxx:xxxx::/56

    In the future it would be great to support easy WAN tagging for both internet, tv and phone vlan usage. The setup would need to let define VID, tagged port (by default WAN port) and untagged port (name it as port designated for ipphone, tv decoder or set to proper virtual port for internet)

    Here is something i found back from 2014 describing how Orange introduced ipv6 in its network but not sure how it refers to 2020 state of things: http://www.data.proidea.org.pl/plnog/12edycja/day2/track4/01_ipv6_implementation.pdf

    Is there anything can be done here from that point on? It seems like when ipv6 is enabled the br0 gets proper ipv6 subnet assigned but ppp0 interface - not.

    I was thinking about adding custom pppd options in WAN settings like ipv6 ppp0 but that would cause error saying ppp0 is illegal interface name in that context. Any other ideas?
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2020