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  1. B

    How to disable skynet http/https blocking?

    Skynet by default blocks legitimate websites constantly, which has only been problematic and a headache with no measurable security benefit in the 3+ years I have been using it... How do I disable http/https blocking in skynet?
  2. Phantomski

    Entware [SOLVED] Entware packages not updating - wget doesn't have https support

    Hi, headscratching here a bit. I suddenly can't update/upgrade Entware packages in amtm. I don't remember installing anything that would affect it on the FW 386.7-2 and it certainly didn't improve on 386.9. It just stopped working. Using amtm, the Update/Upgrade of Entware packages produces...
  3. S

    Firewall - Network Services Filter Problem

    Hi All, Im looking to setup my network services filter to block WAN access to my IoT devices. See attached picture, I believe I set it up correctly, I found an older post saying to block port 443 to limit secure connections as well, so I did that. Interestingly I still can access the IoT...
  4. Loxion

    Access services via HTTPS

    Hi all, Not sure if this is a QNAP thing, a general web thing or something different (I am very new and learning this stuff). I have Ombi running in Docker on the QNAP (TS251D) and everything was works fine. I had a domain linked to it (originally running through No-IP for DDNS services and)...
  5. A

    RT-AC68U: forward https to http

    I can access my (http only) camera from outside my network with no problems. Using <myprivetaname> But is there anyway that the outside url can start with 'https://' to connect to my camera on the inside that only responds to 'http://' I can connect to my RT-AC68U router's user...
  6. N

    HTTPS UI access very slow

    After enabling HTTPS, UI access became very slow. I saw a post about it for Jan of 2020, but the solution was just to use http instead. Is this also a known bug? Does it happen only in official and not in merlin? I am using latest official release on AX86U.
  7. Q

    Missing in pyLoad 0.4.20 (Entware NG) after FW update to 384.18

    Not sure it's strickly related to FW upgrade to Merlin 384.18 on a RT-AC66U B1, but since yesterday, from the first reboot I did after Fw update, I see this error on pyLoad Log: 927 05.07.2020 13:32:34 INFO Avvio pyLoad 0.4.20 931 05.07.2020 13:32:39 INFO Tempo di download: True 932 05.07.2020...
  8. H

    AiProtection and DNS over Https

    Is AiProtection DNS based/is it bypassed by using DNS over https?
  9. K

    OpenVPN port-share Slows HTTPS 100x

    When I use OpenVPN's port-share to enable OpenVPN server and an HTTPS web server to share port 443, traffic to my HTTPS web server is 100x slower. Is this just a fact with port-share or can I improve that? I'm running Merlin 384.7_2 on a RT-AC68U. Only my external port 443 is allowed to be...
  10. C

    IP Wan invalid for HTTPS certificate

    Hi, My IP WAN is ok... ...but the Server Certificate shows my LOCAL IP like this: Lookup its ok for DDNS: Any idea to resolve this?! Thanks
  11. W

    GT-AC5300 Port forwarding issues

    Hi Guys, I recently bought this new Router, im very pleased with the performance however... I have a dedicated server in my house running several vps. One of them is my webserver where i do some webstuff on. Obviously id like this server to be visible from the outside. My previous router...
  12. P

    OpenVPN via HTTPS and route internet over the VPN

    I've setup open vpn to run on port 443. If I tick the box for "Internet and local network" and export settings i get this in client.ovpn config: remote 443 float nobind proto tcp-client dev tun sndbuf 0 rcvbuf 0 keepalive 15 60 comp-lzo adaptive auth-user-pass client auth SHA256...
  13. D

    RT-AC86U cannot port forward non standard HTTPS port

    Successfully installed lighttpd and nextcloud on rt-ac86u. Using DDNS, works fine on LAN (http and https) but, away from home, can only get it to work with http on WAN using port forwarding as you'd expect. I did same for my https port, but without success. Connection timesout eventually. If...
  14. D

    Webui access via https with (self-signed) certificate?

    Hi everyone, long-time Merlin user here, and I've been wondering about this for forever but finally decided to do some research and after coming up short there, ask the experts here. Basically, I'd like to know what the preferred method of accessing the webui is from inside the LAN? I have...
  15. D

    SSL Certificate stuck at "Authorizing"

    Hello! I have a wildcard CloudFlare SSL Certificate I imported to replace the LetsEncrypt certificate. On the DDNS page, the status says "Authorizing". What's the problem?
  16. S

    Support zoneedit DDNS with SSL (https)?

    Is it possible to configure to have the zoneedit DDNS connection happen over SSL (https) instead of plain http? The logs currently show it using port 80 (using the latest - 384.4_2 - firmware version): ... ddns_update: connected to ( on port 80. ...
  17. franku

    Repair or reset 'Let's encrypt' certificate issued to LAN IP thanks to stuff up

    I wasn't paying attention when I followed the Asus Lets Encrypt webUI certificate generation guide and ended up generating a certificate for my LAN IP rather than a resolvable URL. Now, despite factory reset, the setting is stuck on: Status :Updating... Issued to : SAN ...
  18. losdelrock

    SSL Certificate Error

    Hi All, not sure if this is specific to the merlinwrt firmware or just all SSL requests passing through AI. If I browse to a blocked category (AI Protection, Parental Controls, Web and app filter) which happens to be an SSL URL, I get a certificate error and the browser is redirected to (actual...
  19. TanyaC

    The Connection was reset

    For the past several months I've been having an increasing number of websites return a "connection reset" error. I'm up to about 50 sites now. News sites, online retailers, forums sites, you name it; the error is non-discriminatory. Except for one aspect - it only happens to http:// websites...
  20. amplatfus

    Unable to access router via HTTPS 8443 on 380.63_2

    Hi, I just activated HTTPS on 8443 port and I cannot use it. Router page is loading very slow in Chrome (tested from phone also, from intranet and from internet). The page in slowly loading with message: establishing secure connection. In the end the page is loading, but after few minutes...