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  1. D

    VLAN Config Query using pfSense and Unifi

    Hey all, LAN ip addressing is getting close to capacity, so thought best practice to create new networks for Trusted, Guest & IoT. I have set the rules in pfsense that trusted VLAN (phones, laptops, watches, TVs, etc) has access back and forth to default LAN (reserved for static servers, VMs...
  2. P

    does IGMP proxy/multicast routing with no ISP profile assist igmp snooping on managed switches

    I have 3 devices 2 raspberry pies running home assistant, and I suspect Amazon FireTV recast are blasting my home network with multicast traffic. I did have an unmanaged switch in the middle the home is prewired into a panel, needed something there to connect all the home lan wiring to...
  3. S

    Two routers to broadcast Two different SSID on access points

    Hello, I am wondering if I can get advice on how to set this up. I have a regular networking router with my ISP and I have another with an VPN installed on it. I wish to connect these routers to broadcast two SSID on my access points. (one with regular internet from my ISP and another with VPN...
  4. childersa

    Managed Switches and Mesh Backha

    Is there any insight as to why the Ethernet backhaul for many mesh wifi systems cannot pass through a managed switch? I have a ZenWifi XT8, and it, along with many others, have Ethernet backhaul as an option but they must go through an unmanaged switch. I’ve read some posts referring to it...
  5. flyingwolf

    Solved Can I use AIMesh with a managed switch handling the DHCP and other main network management?

    Currently, I have a number of AC68U's running my network. All run the latest version of Merlin. Router 1 handles the incoming fiber line and does the heavy lifting for the firewall, DHCP, and AiMesh master node. The other 3 act as nodes and do their thing. I would like to replace Router 1...
  6. Kashif Tasneem

    Help needed in choosing a switch

    Hi. I want to purchase a switch which supports port trunking. I have narrowed down to the following two:
  7. M

    24+ port fanless managed switch with 8 PoE ports?

    I am looking for a (simple) managed switch with at least 24 ports, where at least 8 ports are PoE enabled. Since it will be used in a home environment, it needs to be very quiet (ideally passively cooled/fanless). Total PoE power budget needed is 85W. Does this exist?.. Thankful for any...
  8. techfranz

    Need Managed Switches with Built-in Reporting, Bandwidth Usage Monitoring & Cable Diagnostics.

    I am looking for a Managed Switch that has built-in reporting. My requirements are as follows: Current Bandwidth Usage both LAN & WAN per Port Number. We want to see internal backups and other Lan usage in addition to WAN usage. Built-in Reporting. Cable Diagnostics Broken Cable, Throughput...
  9. Julio Urquidi

    Open Mesh Adds Router, Access Point and Switch To Cloud Managed Line-Up

    Cloud-managed Wi-Fi company Open Mesh has added a router, MU-MIMO AP and PoE switch to its product family. The G200 is Open Mesh’s first cloud-managed gigabit router, powered by a quad-core MediaTek MT7623A ARM processor and designed to integrate with other products in the Open Mesh ecosystem...
  10. Julio Urquidi

    D-Link Adds New Models And Features To Smart Managed Switches

    Changes to D-Link’s DGS-1210 series include two new PoE smart managed Gigabit switches, the 8-port + 2 combo DGS-1210-10MP, and the 24-port + 4 combo DGS-1210-28MP. Aside from their sets of Layer 2 networking and switching features, both switches will support PoE across all ports and have...
  11. Julio Urquidi

    NETGEAR Adds 12-Port 10 GbE Switch To SMB Line-Up

    The XS712Tv2 is the latest addition to the company’s family of smart webUI-managed switching products targeting small and medium business customers building infrastructure for voice, video and data within their converged environments. Designated as a cost effective 10 GbE solution, XS712Tv2...
  12. Julio Urquidi

    Netgear Adds Wi-Fi System and Managed Switch To SMB Line-Ups

    NETGEAR introduced its Orbi Pro AC3000 Tri-band Wi-Fi System for Businesses(SRK60). Composed of an AC3000 router and satellite, SRK60’s main differences vis-a-vis consumer Orbi are: Ease of installation with a minimal number of wires needed to set up the system and secure mounting base. Three...
  13. ByDemonsBeDriven

    IoT - how to wall off devices while keeping them usable

    Quick background - not a newb but definitely no packet networking pro. I have advanced knowledge in TDM circuit switching which is dying a quick death and I adapt quickly to new tech when I'm thrown in the fire so to speak. I've been teaching myself packet switching/routing as I can, and have a...
  14. T

    VLAN usage question

    (NOTE: I have read the SNB article, "VLAN How To: Segmenting a small LAN", which introduced me to the fundamentals of using the VLAN feature of a managed switch.) Let's assume I have a router and a low-end, web-managed switch that both offer VLAN capabilities. On the switch I have some ports...
  15. Julio Urquidi

    D-Link Intros DGS-1210/ME Line Of Switches For Service Providers

    The new family of Layer 2 managed metro switches is designed for internet and video providers that service business customers. The DGS-1210/ME series of business switches come in 8-, 24- and 48-port models. The 8-port model has two additional Gigabit SFP ports, and the 24- and 48-port switches...
  16. D

    RT-AC1900P wifi question

    I have a RT-AC1900P and using all ports and WiFi. I'm using AsusWRT. I would like to add a managed switch and move some of my wired clients to a VLAN on this switch. I also have a spare Dlink DIR655 WiFi - N router. Can I make a WiFi client on the RT-AC1900P a part of a VLAN on the switch...