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  1. S

    Struggling with remote access to router (settings)

    Hi there, I am struggling to configure my router in the Administration > System > Remote Access Config settings I want to be able to : 1. Access from home 2. Access from WAN (Web only) 3. Whitelist 3 remote fixed IP address (4 if I include my own home fixed IP address) All IP addresses...
  2. G

    VPN Server behind multiNAT

    Hi All. Today I have changed my provider and the new one looks more smart than previous :) Now I can see 10.64.94.xx as my WAN IP address and it is very likely that I am behind multiple NAT. That's why DDNS gets incorrect IP even with external method to retrieve WAN IP - and as a result I...
  3. tekrich

    Access to Asus router from WAN?

    I have just upgraded to the AX88U and want to query remotely accessing the router. I can set up, and have tested remote access and it works fine. HTTPS is on with WAN access restricted to one device. DDNS has also been set up. Is this safe? Is anyone else happily using this? Running latest...
  4. P

    ASUS RT-AC87U: Combining VPN-server with VPN client running on router

    So I have the ASUS RT-AC87U router with Asuswrt-merlin firmware (384.12). I'm running an openVPN-server so I can connect to my home network remotely, so I can remotely maintain and control both the router and the clients on the network. I just recently got a VPN subscription and added the...
  5. D

    Synology Diskstation/ASUS Router/VPN/Plex????

    Hi to anyone out there, I have a small query based on the setup of ExpressVPN on my network whilst still allowing 'remote access' to my Plex account when all my media is stored on my Synology DiskStation. Currently I have the the VPN setup on my ASUS DSL-AC68U (running Merlin firmware) which...
  6. GlukRazor

    RT-AC68U Port Forwarding and WAN Accsess issue

    I find some problems with my internate provider, so that I do complet reinstal my router with nvram cleanup (I hope so). Now, with 384.9 firmware, I could do nothing with ports: I cannot forward ports, cannot access WebIU or SSH from WAN. System even doesn’t response on ping from WAN. But I do...
  7. X

    AC-RT88u Remote access with two factor auth

    Hi Team, I am trying to find out for the last few hours on how to implement a 2-factor authentication (2FA) for my asus router which has already enabled with https for remote administration away from home. I wanted it to be extremely secure, so would like to implement a 2-factor for...
  8. wheelq

    problem setting up VPN between two ASUS routers

    Two of my routers are running on different networks in different locations. I have set up OVPN servers on both routers, and I have exported ovpn profile files from both of them After importing the ovpn profile files I am able to connect to both using tunnelbrick. Both tunnels work fine, which...
  9. Michael Gauthier

    (Resolved) Differences in Chrome browser depending on the device

    I have a raspberry pi running a server. I connect to it by typing the IP address in a Chrome browser on mobile devices, Windows or a Mac. I can also type the pi's hostname "dimlights/" to access it, except on the Windows 10 PC running Chrome. On that PC I can only reach the pi via its IP...
  10. N

    Asus Router app and "unintentional" activation of remote access to router

    It was discovered "by mistake", but it cannot be described any other way but serious: Asus has introduced DDNS and remote management support into Asus Router mobile app for Android. It might be nice feature to have, but there is one big BUT in this implementation - if router is added/linked to...
  11. B

    Help with remote openvpn connection and lan communication

    Hi everyone, I've been on a crash course, learning about networks, routers, etc. I've flashed a AC3100 w/Merlin 380.68.2; I'm currently connected to a VPN as a client where I have two computers and a QNAP 251+ routed through that VPN and everything else through WAN. What I want to accomplish...
  12. P

    Can't Access Router Login from other Networks

    I'm using an ASUS AC1750 RT-AC66U wireless router. I enabled the access from WAN feature on my router, and used the ASUS DDNS hosting service to set up [hostname] as the address for my router. When I enter http://[hostname] from my laptop while connected to my...
  13. Wolfschiesst

    Configure Asuswrt Merlin OpenVPN-Server for access with VPN Port-Forwarding

    Dear @all, my Asus Router RT-AC88U - flashed with current Merlin Beta-Firmware 380.67_alpha2 - is configured to run as VPN OpenVPN-Client. The VPN-client connection via the router is running successfully. In addition to that, I'd like to use the OpenVPN-server of the above mentioned router...
  14. Agrajag

    Trying to get Remote Access Reliably Working. HELP?

    For years I've wanted to get reliable access to my system for a few purposes. Here are a few of the things I'd like to do: 1. Have access to my qBittorrent session using their Android App or the web interface. I swear I HAD it working, but it's refusing to connect (Windows Firewall is disabled...
  15. D

    Mikrotik Firewall Remote Access From DynDNS Address

    So i would like to create an access rule within the mikrotik firewall to restrict access to a couple of remote locations. Since these are residential and cannot obtain a static IP id like to know the best way of doing this, or if its even possible. The residential locations both have DynDNS...
  16. A

    Different DMZ behavior on Guest vs Main Wireless network

    Using DMZ, I see different behavior if the DMZ IP device is on the guest wireless network or on the main wireless network, is this expected? I’m trying to give someone access to the BMC remote console on a server without giving them access to the other IP address on my home network. I thought I...
  17. sentinelvdx

    Question - Unable to share a WebDav folder using same ISP over Internet

    Hi, I have setup WebDav and installed the QNAP's SSL certificate. The problem is that most of the people can connect to my WebDav folder, except for people who is using same ISP company like me. Is there any workaround to get those people access the WebDav folder? My ISP is nationwide and they...
  18. thiggins

    How To Remotely Connect Safely And Securely

    Gettting secure access to your network when you're away is easy when you have the right stuff. Read on SmallNetBuilder