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  1. T

    VLAN usage question

    (NOTE: I have read the SNB article, "VLAN How To: Segmenting a small LAN", which introduced me to the fundamentals of using the VLAN feature of a managed switch.) Let's assume I have a router and a low-end, web-managed switch that both offer VLAN capabilities. On the switch I have some ports...
  2. arithforu

    Decent Stable Modem with Router Suggestion for Comcast/Xfinity

    I am trying to find a way to setup two Wifi SSIDs, one with VPN connection and one without VPN connection. Currently, I am connected to Xfinity's Modem/Router which I am leasing from them and I connected my RT-AC68U router with Merlin's firmware to it and configured my VPN which works great...
  3. D

    Are there any telemetry concerns with Asuswrt-Merlin ?

    Do Asuswrt-Merlin users have telemetry concerns to deal with like Netgear users do ?
  4. M

    Double Router OpenVpn Port Forwarding

    Here Is my Scenario : REFS: ROUTER1------------ -IS A ROUTER/MODEM combo. and connects to internet through Isp phone line. Does not support dd-wrt firmware, so the need for second router ROUTER2..............just router only, connects to the wan port of Router1 to get to internet, Flashed...
  5. T

    Asus RT Router Models Are Vulnerable to Simple Hacks

    Hi Merlin, I came across this news report that certain models of Asus router may have some vulnerabilities. I'm not much of a technical person so I think I'd rather just point you to the said report:
  6. Julio Urquidi

    New AC4000 Max-Stream Router and AC1900 Cable Gateway From Linksys

    First, Linksys’ tri-band Max-Stream AC4000 MU-MIMO router (EA9300) is the latest addition to the Max-Stream line of wireless routers. Following the AC5400 EA9500 and AC2200 EA8300, the latest Max-Stream router is powered by a quad-core 1.8 GHz processor and delivers maximum data rates of 1625...
  7. sentinelvdx

    Another New Router - CM-AC2600

    It seems we have new CableModem Router, the CM-AC2600 with Intel SoC
  8. rtn66uftw

    Is there any router can handle multiple internet lines from different ISP?

    I'm using 01 Asus RT-AC3100 and 02 RT-AC68U to handle 3 separated internet connections from 3 different ISPs atm. I'm looking for a router that can handle those 3 lines separately to reduce the footprint of my home network. I'll buy 03 UAP-AC-PRO APs to use with that said router. Just to be...
  9. E

    McDebian initial setup - not quite n00b

    I recently managed to get away from that awful DD-WRT firmware, and I've installled the latest McDebian image to my WRT3200ACM Now, I'm not a total n00b with Linux, but I could really use some help figuring this out, and I'm sure I'm not the only one having trouble following Chadster766's...
  10. wkearney99

    Good travel router?

    I've had a Zyxel MWR222 for ages and it's a bit slow. It's nicest feature is integrated support for a USB cell modem. Very handy when there's no wired Ethernet at a hotel. It also has a built-in battery and a very compact form-factor. I don't really ever depend on the battery, so that's not...
  11. Royi

    Recommendation for a Router for VPN Using OpenVPN

    Hello, I want to connect to VPN and figured out the best thing would be connecting the Router to a VPN. I'm looking for a recommendation on a router with the following requirements: Supports OpenVPN (Should I ask for DD-WRT?). Can handle 100 Mbit Internet Connection without slowing down the...
  12. P

    Connecting Router to Modem 10m away

    Hi, have a few questions about my network setup, main question is about cabling for router and switch but if i'm in the wrong section my apologies. I would also like to apologize in advance for my lengthy "essay" type post, I just tend to ramble and like to be thorough. Back Story: Now, I'm...
  13. V

    Phone->PPTP works, Phone->Router->PPTP doesn't? Same IP/DNS!

    Hi guys, Strange problem: Connecting my Android straight to a PPTP server and my streaming app works as desired. Connecting my TP-Link router to the PPTP, and my Android to the router, and my streaming app gives a location error. Both ways I get the same IP and the same
  14. Julio Urquidi

    ARRIS Adds An Xfinity-Approved Voice Gateway To Its SURFboard Lineup

    Arris’ new gateway, the SVG248AC, combines broadband, wireless and voice services into a single package approved for Xfinity customers. SVG248AC is a 24 download/8 upload DOCSIS 3.0 modem, a 3x3 AC1750 wireless router, and a voice gateway, that uses the RDK-B standards that help accelerate...
  15. H

    Wireless router vs wired router with ap

    My router had stopped working when it did work. The wifi coverage was not all that good. So I plan on putting in an AP. When doing so what is better a router that has wifi with an AP added or a router with out wifi with an APadded. I have a 24 port switch Thanks
  16. Julio Urquidi

    Tenda Releases An AC1200 Router For The Budget-Minded

    The new dual-band wireless router is the Tenda A6, and at a price of $34.99, it may turn the heads of those looking for bargains in home networking. Powered by a 900 MHz Broadcom processor and using four high-gain antennas, the A6 produces wireless maximum link rates of 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and...
  17. S

    Firmware for RT-AC68R, HW ver. A1

    Greetings - I have been using Tomato by Shibby for years and recently upgraded to this router. The ASUS interface looks decent and the firmware from seems to work well, although I am still much more comfortable with the TomatoUSB interface. My router uses are simple. I only use it for...
  18. M

    OpenDNS on a mikrotik wAP

    Greetings all Thanks for looking into this post. My setup is currently as such... Fibre modem- > mikrotik routerboard 2100 (Google DNS, static IP, DHCP enabled) -> LAN -> 2 x mikrotik APs (auto DNS from gateway, static IP's AND, Private connections...
  19. H

    Buying advice: dual wan gigabit router for newbie

    Hi! This might be my first post here as far as I can remember. I have two ISPs, one is cable with 120mb down/5mb upload and the other one is fiber with 200mb down/100mb upload. I have a Asus AC87U that I've purchased to use dual-wan (load balance bonding?) and have better speeds (320mb...
  20. haddad123

    asus ac5300 client update problem!!

    i have asus ac5300 and my problem is : the client list dosent update when a client disconnect from the router the list only show the new connected client but when someone disconnect he still be on the list but shown as wired . example : the client list are empty now 1)one client connected (the...