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  1. L

    "Fun" with SAMBA on XT8 Mesh LAN (It's not working!)

    Two upfront confessions: I am a complete noob with this topic, and whilst I am IT literate, a lot of the relevant networking terminology I just don't know (For example: with as simple a thing as "\\server\share" I'm not sure exactly what each thing is, even though it's obvious! Don't get me...
  2. M

    samba share name

    Hi, I'd like to edit the naming of automatically generated samba shares - root directories of disk attached to router. Share names are in format "$directory_name at $disk-name" - I'd like to use only directory_name format. I tried to find where it can be changed and I've found this...
  3. Z

    Solved SMB2 share does not work (SMB1 does)

    As the title says, I can only get SMB sharing to work if I follow this guide and configure both my router and system (Arch Linux) to use SMB protocol 1. Configuring both to SMB2 causes smbclient -L...
  4. X

    Samba shares contantly disrupting (smbd crashing) on RT-AX68U

    The main use of my RT-AX68U besides providing a fast wifi connection is to be able to have a shared drive between two computers and few other devices. However since I started using this router for a shared network drive it's being a pain with constant instabilities (Windows explorer freezes, the...
  5. elrengo

    AiMesh alternative...

    Hi! I've two Asus Routers: RT-AC3100 & RT-AC66U_B1. Both with Asuswrt-Merlin firmware. These are wire connected with AiMesh config. The AC3100 is configure as AiMesh Router, connected to my Internet Provider Cable-modem, have attached a WD USB3 1TB HDD where is installed Entware some tools and...
  6. B

    SMB Not working correctly on RT-AC86U - 384.11_2

    In the default configuration of "SMBv1 + SMBv2" the router(as an browsable computer) does not show up at all in Windows Explorer this also the same when using SMBv2. When switched to SMBv1 it works fine, I have tested this both on desktop and laptop and get the same result. If I mount the...
  7. G

    Samba v2.0 not working

    Asus RT-AC68U / Merlin 384.7 (same for 384.6) It really looks like SMB 2.0 does not work as well as 1.0+2.0 option. It was mentioned here earlier (here), but I observed the same issue on Ubuntu 18.04.1: it is not possible to view shared router HDD with any possible option rather than SMB 1.0...
  8. S

    Increase password length?

    Is it just me, or does 16 characters just not seem long enough? Also, why are we limited to a maximum of only 5 user accounts (6 if you include the administrator)? That's obviously not a limitation of Samba. Such limitations! Is there a workaround which doesn't limit me to SSH only access...
  9. Earthlark

    [RT-AC66U stock] Unable to access network share through backup programs

    I have a WD drive attached to the AC66U and shared through the USB Application - Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk. Drive is accessible through on a variety of computers (through Win (10) Explorer) and phones on network and using whatever user names I have set up on the AC66U. I am able...
  10. Q

    Is it possible to have a 4TB drive shared with Samba with Asuswrt-Merlin?

    Hello, I a having troubles to share with samba a 4TB USB drive. with the factory firmware it seems that the shared drives (formatted at 4TB and recognized as such by the ASUS firmware web interface) are assigned the wrong size in all the computers that access them. Both ina MAc and in a...
  11. Q

    Samba drive 4TB (only seeing 2TB)

    Post deleted
  12. M

    kernel: xhci_hcd WARN: Stalled endpoint

    I get this weird error from time to time without any possible reason: Aug 6 07:58:49 kernel: xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: WARN: Stalled endpoint Aug 6 07:58:49 kernel: xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: WARN: Stalled endpoint Aug 6 07:58:54 kernel: xhci_hcd 0000:00:0c.0: WARN: Stalled endpoint Aug 6 07:58:54...
  13. M

    Custom SMB config troubleshooting

    I've added some config option to smb.conf following the wiki, and it was added, but it was added in the end of smb.conf, i.e. to one of the shares. It commonly known, the structure of smb.conf is How to add my option to the global section? Should I specify section just in smb.conf.add? In the...
  14. M

    Samba share everyone write access

    I am affected by this error and cannot save image backups to the drive. The solution to this is to enable write access to everyone. What is the most beautiful way to do this for single share? Is there such control in the GUI or should I modify smb.conf via postconf script in that way...
  15. F

    USB - SAMBA performance

    I have a new AC-1900 running the latest merlin. Base functions are fine. However, I have a 1TB USB attached to it and availability / performance is very erratic. When it works .. Write speeds are in the the 100KB to 6MB range, read speeds are more reliable. It doesn't seem reliable .. For...
  16. B

    RT-AC68U, samba, speed & CPU usage

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I'm having samba problems with a USB3 drive. I'm using Merlin 380.59 on RT-AC68U. I have a 750 GB 2.5" drive plugged in using a USB3 enclosure (with a separate power supply) and shared using samba. The drive is formatted to EXT4...
  17. J

    SAMBA Error messages in the log

    I see a lot of Error messages in the log on my N66U and AC68U. Although the SAMBA works without issues, but the messages bother me. Does anyone have idea to resolve it? Apr 3 19:00:41 smbd[2682]: [2016/04/03 19:00:41.260959, 0] smbd/sesssetup.c:1355(reply_sesssetup_and_X) Apr 3 19:00:41...
  18. T

    Account limit on Samba share, password length

    The Plus (+) icon was grayed out in Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk. I found the only way to enable it was to delete a user. There appears to be a user limit. Is there a way to expand this beyond six users? Also, I tried to enter a password longer than 16 characters, but the software...