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  1. G

    Killswitch on updated RT-AX56U (V1) works

    I wanted to create this small thread for sharing my experience on installing Merlin on RT-AX56U and testing the killswitch feature. Hoping this will be useful for someone on the same situation. I needed to buy an "affordable" ASUS router compatible with Merlin in order to setup an OpenVPN...
  2. XIII

    388.1: Cannot set up IPSec VPN on GT-AX6000 (with settings from 386.7_2 on RT-AC86U)

    Recently I purchased a GT-AX6000 to replace my RT-AC86U, so that I can run the new 388 firmware. I managed to manually replicate my old 386.7_2 setup from scratch in 388.1, except for IPSec VPN which keeps failing: Dec 20 22:07:32 00[DMN] Starting IKE charon daemon (strongSwan 5.9.6, Linux...
  3. W

    New RT-AX88U setup

    I have a new RT-AX88U and get cross-eyed reading all the posts about firmware versions, resets, etc. i am looking for advice about initial setup and firmware pitfalls. Is, technically minded, but have little networking lingo knowledge. What are best practices for a newbie setting up this...
  4. westy

    Help with AIMesh setup

    Hello to you all, I have 4 Asus routers, an ROG 5300, two brand new Ax92u and an older Ac68u. The question I have is which should be the router the 5300 or the 92u in a Mesh setup? I have a 2 story house with a finished basement. All totalled about 4100sqft-ish. I welcome any advice.
  5. J

    How to Setup TorGuard VPN on Merlin 384.13

    I noticed the setup guide on TorGuard's website was a little outdated, so I wanted to create a new one and share with users here. Log in to your router and navigate to VPN > VPN Client and input the following information: Client Control: Automatic start at boot time: Yes (Personal preference)...
  6. xulian

    Naming aimesh nodes

    Hi, I have a setup with 3 nodes and only main one is able to set a name within the LAN device name section. Others keep the device model name as defaults. Any chance to assign my own device names there so I can access them other way than IP mode? thanks
  7. HuskyHerder

    Flag for setup, not set? (confirmed browser issue)

    I reset my 5300 the other evening and now I have a strange issue. Up to 2 maybe 3 times a day when accessing the GUI, I am presented with the initial setup screen. The default one you see, new out of the box, or after the reset. I have completed setup and the router runs fine. Usually a simple...
  8. G

    PFSense and Modem\Modem Mode Security

  9. G

    What do you guys rock for your VPN Router Setup ?

  10. J

    Cisco Network Exercises Ideas

    Hello my name is jacob, I am new to snbforums. I want to get in with an active community to help others and to ask questions of my own. I am beginning my journey of diving into the Cisco world more in depth . I am needing ideas for networks I can create here to practice at home . I have 3 Cisco...
  11. S

    Help me build a Top of the Line Setup

    Hi there, I have spectrum 1 gig internet and a 15-20 year old really crap router currently and I am looking to redo my entire setup. Currently I have many devices hard wired (cat6) which are going to a switch that is set up in my networking closet (My tv's, desktop, and some cat 6 jacks are...
  12. P

    Wireless Security Cameras & RT-AC3100

    Hello All - I have an RT-AC3100 router. It's running firmware version I have setup security cameras but once they are fully configured I cannot access them over the network. I do see them in the network map in the router so know they are configured and have Static...
  13. XIII

    How to set up VPN Client for ProtonVPN?

    After having successfully set up a VPN server (for quite some time) I would now like to try configuring a VPN client on the router. Since my paid provider does not support OpenVPN (I use it only on iOS, using IKEv2) I would like to experiment with the free variant of ProtonVPN. I read the...
  14. H

    Structure for Media/Time Machine/Windows Backup

    Hi, I recently purchased a Synology Disk Station 218+ with 2 x 3Tb HDD, and a 6Tb External HDD. I'm looking for thoughts on how to structure these drives to accomplish my goals. My goal is to setup a network drive that hosts all of our family's media (pictures, music, videos) so that they are...
  15. M

    Can't Access Router via PC but can via Phone

    So last week I purchased the RT-AC88u router. I hooked it up to my PC via the network cable and then configured wireless and off we went. Everything is working great on the PC and all the devices connecting to the wireless network I had defined. Yesterday I noticed when I tried to navigate...
  16. D

    Some help with Asus Merlin/fiber modem setup please

    Hi everybody I am new to all this IP/Mac address/AsusAC68U/Merlin stuff so sorry if I am asking stupid questions/doing stupid things. Firstly this is my setup Fiberhome 4 port (no wifi) modem router supplied by ISP. IP for this I believe Connected to this: Lan 4 cable attached but...
  17. E

    McDebian initial setup - not quite n00b

    I recently managed to get away from that awful DD-WRT firmware, and I've installled the latest McDebian image to my WRT3200ACM Now, I'm not a total n00b with Linux, but I could really use some help figuring this out, and I'm sure I'm not the only one having trouble following Chadster766's...
  18. Julesatlanta


    According to the Asus RT-AC68U documentation this router can be setup as a OpenVPN server that masks ALL transmission from all devices WITHOUT adding vpn software to each device. I cant get any info on doing this. Does anyone know how to do this so I don't have to purchase vpn service from a...
  19. S

    AC68U Facebook Wifi still able to access internet without "check-in"

    Hello I am new here. I am trying to setup Facebook Wifi in my hair salon so that when clients come to our salon and want to access our Wifi, they will have to visit our Facebook Page first and "check-in". General detail about this can be found here...
  20. C

    Asus RT-N18U PPoE trouble setting up

    Hello, I bought the router to use with my O2 ADSL connection, But I can't set it up. I go to PPoE and put in the password and username as provided by ISP, and then get an error "connection timed out". This error appears regardless of whether the internet cable is plugged in (I tried without...