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  1. K

    Survey for smart home owners

    Hello! I would like to conduct a small survey among users of smart home systems. If not difficult, could you answer a few questions below. Thanks in advance! 1. To decide what points do you most often use Settings? 2. What are you missing in the Smart Home app settings? 3. Are there any...
  2. Julio Urquidi

    Qualcomm’s Newest Mesh Wi-Fi Dev Kit Gets Amazon Alexa Integration

    The Qualcomm Mesh Networking Development Kit was created to facilitate integration of Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, the key component driving Amazon's portion of the smart home market. Designed to help quickly develop Alexa integrated mesh Wi-Fi systems, the new development kit adds additional...
  3. CrystalLattice

    2019 Wireless Router or Wireless System Wi-Fi 6 Recommendation

    2019 Wireless Router or Wireless System Wi-Fi 6 Recommendations If you've purchased a router in the last few years and you're still happy with it, there's no reason to replace it right now, especially if you don't plan to massively add the new Wi-Fi 6 compatible products. If you’re using a...
  4. Julio Urquidi

    CES 2019: D-Link Announces New Smart Home Plugs and Sensor

    D-Link is adding three new items to its list of home automation products, including two new smartplugs (indoor and outdoor models) and a water sensor. The company is also updating their mydlink app with updated features to accommodate newer and more older products. First off, the...
  5. K

    Splitting smart home devices in separate network

    Hello, last week I bought a new wifi router, the Asus RT-AC66U (using Asuswrt Merlin). Now I want to split my home network, one network for my PC, Laptops etc. and one for all the smart home devices. That worked good with a guest network for the smart devices, but now I installed Home Assistant...
  6. Julio Urquidi

    New TP-Link Kasa Outdoor Camera and Smart Wi-Fi Plug Ready For Pre-Order

    TP-Link has announced two additions to its Kasa Smart Home product line. TP-Link’s new Kasa Cam Outdoor Camera is built within a IP65 rated casing designed to withstand the elements, operating within temperatures ranging from -4˚F to 109˚F. The camera provides a 130° field of view at 1080p and...
  7. Julio Urquidi

    Bullguard Releases Free-To-Use Smart Home Security Scanner For IoT

    Bullguard’s Dojo Intelligent IoT Vulnerability Scanner (DIS) is an app (Android and iOS) that runs security risk assessments and scores home environments that have smart home products like cameras, lights, smart locks, as well as computers and similar items. In order for DIS to give the final...
  8. Julio Urquidi

    Amazon Acquires Smart Door Bell Maker Ring

    For a Reuters-reported price of over $1 billion, Amazon upped the stakes for its competitors in the smart home security market by buying video doorbell maker, Ring. The acquisition of the motion sensing/video recording/app notifying camera company is the second largest purchase in Amazon’s...
  9. W

    The House That Spied on Me

    Amusing article from Gizmodo: The House That Spied on Me
  10. thiggins

    Wemo Now Supports Apple HomeKit

    Belkin says its Wemo family now can be controlled by Apple's HomeKit. Read on SmallNetBuilder
  11. Julio Urquidi

    Ooma Accessorizes Smart Home Service With New Products

    Ooma Telo Designed to work with the Ooma Telo smart home phone service, the company added two new products to complement its platform; Telo Air and HD3 handset. Telo Air is a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth product that can be paired with mobile phones and used to answer incoming calls from any phone around...
  12. Julio Urquidi

    Circle And NETGEAR Team Up For Enhanced Parental Control Features

    NETGEAR Orbi Wi-Fi Systems and Nighthawk routers will be getting better parental control features thanks to a partnership with Circle. The integration of the Circle app (for IOS and Android) gives parents additional services they can set or schedule to provide a safe online environment for kids...
  13. Julio Urquidi

    NETGEAR Adds Outdoor Smart Security Light To Arlo Product Line

    NETGEAR’s Arlo Outdoor Smart Home Security Light is a weather-resistant outdoor LED light that’s customizable and wire-free. This expansion of NETGEAR's Arlo family moves it a step further toward the home security market, which is a leading revenue driver in the consumer Internet of Things...
  14. Julio Urquidi

    Amazon Introduces Its Own Indoor Security Camera

    Following closely on the coattails of its Amazon Key in-home delivery service, Amazon just added its Cloud Cam security camera to its growing list of smart home products. The new Amazon Cloud Cam can be installed as a mounted or free-standing wireless device with a feature set that includes...
  15. Julio Urquidi

    Circle With Disney Adds Connections for Amazon Alexa and IFTTT

    Circle with Disney, an app-managed smart home device that lets parents manage their family’s connected devices, just announced new integrations with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. Circle provides parental controls that help manage content filtering, bedtime hours, and internet access for devices...
  16. Julio Urquidi

    NETGEAR Arlo Pro 2 Cam Gets 1080p Video, Intros Solar Power Option

    NETGEAR’s update to its Arlo Pro security camera gets a few new features added, as well several standard capabilities found in other cameras. New stuff first… First, Arlo Pro 2 is a 1080p high-definition camera, touted to produce clearer pictures with its 130-degree field of view, providing...
  17. Julio Urquidi

    Amazon Grows Its Echo Family, Putting Alexa Almost Everywhere

    Amazon today significantly expanded its options for getting its Alexa AI terminals into every room of your home. Aside from adding several new Alexa features, Amazon is also introducing a whole set of Echo-related smart home products, including the Echo Spot, Echo Plus, all-new Echo, Echo...
  18. Julio Urquidi

    Nest Expands Into The Smart Home Security Market

    Google’s Nest just jumped into home security in a big way. Known for their home environmental products, Nest just added three products and several additional supporting pieces to their smart home line-up. Nest Secure, shown above, is a home security starter kit that includes Nest Guard – a base...
  19. Julio Urquidi

    TP-Link Reveals New Smart Home Camera With Night Vision

    The 1080p TP-Link KC120 Kasa Cam with Night Vision has a range of 25 feet in the dark, shoots at 30 fps, and has a wide-angle view of 130 degrees. The KC120 is controlled via TP-Link’s Kasa app, giving its owners remote viewing capabilities with the option of storing up to 1 GB of video in the...
  20. Julio Urquidi

    ASRock Announces Smart Home IoT Router

    The ASRock X10 is an AC1300 wireless router with an integrated Zigbee controller. Designed for smart home environments, customers can use the X10 to control lights, utilities and security products, and all else that would fall under the “smart” device type, as well as set up related functions...