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Glenn Freidet

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Hi. If I disable NAT, shouldn't I be able to use the same subnet on both sides of the router?

I currently have a Merlin router with a typical gateway setup. I want to put a Tomato router between the WAN side of the Merlin router and the Internet to handle advanced QOS and IP monitoring. In order to do that, I think I need to have the Tomato WAN port face the Internet with NAT enabled. Then connect the LAN side of the Tomato router to the WAN side of the Merlin router with NAT disabled. I think everything needs to be on the same subnet to get what I need. Also, I'd prefer not to covert the Merlin router into an AP.

put the tomato box in, let it deal with things, and the ASUS router as an AP...

Seems pretty simple - if wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets, eh?
Yep, but I'm having a hard time giving up the Merlin router-mode interface. It's so pretty. ;-) Also, I want to tip-toe into the new configuration; This is a live 24/7 network, so I have to make quick changes.

I tried this: Use the Tomato box as a gateway without DHCP. Used the Merlin in router mode, with the existing DHCP, no DNS, and no WAN/NAT. The Tomato box is connected to the LAN side of the Merlin box. I got DHCP and DNS on the client, but I couldn't ping through.

Am I wasting my time here?'
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