wired ethernet

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  1. C

    Plex.tv: Connect on Wired, Can't connect on Wifi?

    I have a RT-AC3100 router running Merlin 386.11. When a windows laptop is connected via a cable, the laptop can load https://plex.tv in Chrome. When I pull the cable and connect to the router's wifi, Chrome cannot connect to https://plex.tv, times out and reports ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. I can't...
  2. K

    Planning wired home network

    Hi - I'm looking to begin creating a wired network in my house in the UK - Wireless and boosters and powerline adaptors are current setup but irritating drop-outs and now need to have internet connection in an external garage Our router is in a downstairs family area in the centre of a 2 storey...
  3. S

    Weird connection speed issue over wired network RT-AX88U

    I have an RT-AX88U and I am running Merlin 386.2_6 Koolshare edition. The problem is that on my main PC I am not getting full download speeds. Every other device at home is getting faster speeds than my main gaming pc. I am not sure where the bottleneck is. When I run speedtest on the router...
  4. Divader

    Possible RT-AC5300 performance degradation

    I'm struggling to find the root cause of home network issues that keep plaguing me ever increasingly. Not 100% sure but I think it was roughly around the time I went from stock to Merlin firmware in Jun 2020 that my issues began to arise. Also over this time I've gradually added a few more...
  5. A

    92U Mesh - Turn off wifi on main unit?

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 92u twin pack with the intention of using in a wired backhaul mesh setup. The issue I have is that whilst my house is fibre to property and pre-wired with ethernet, the wiring is all in an under the stairs cupboard which is not the best place to put any...
  6. Laxarus

    2nd 5Ghz and AiMesh

    Hello, I have Aimesh setup with 3 lyra units and 1 main AC-5300 using wired backhaul. After updating Merlin 384.15, I've noticed the second 5ghz wi-fi band cannot be clicked on the main router page. Clicking 5Ghz-2 under system status gives below notice: "5 GHz-2 is now used as dedicated WiFi...
  7. B

    Will a MoCA network work

    Hello, I recently moved into a new house and had the internet set up by Cox. I would like to extend wired internet to the upstairs rooms but don't want to feed Ethernet cable throughout the house. The modem that Cox installed is plugged into a main feed auxiliary port in the downstairs living...
  8. Tisbury

    MoCA - Wit's End

    Hello all, first time poster here as I'm relatively new (yet fairly tech savvy) at this networking thing. My family recently moved to Kansas City and our new home was built in 1998. There is existing coax run through the entire house, but nothing else. The basement is unfinished so I...
  9. N

    Needing Help Configuring RT-AC3100 to work best with wired PS4

    My internet service is 200Mb download. On a wired laptop my speed tests typically run 265 Mbps down, 32 Mbps up. My PS4 however typically runs a God awful 10 to 20 Mbps down with anywhere from less than 1 Mbps to if I'm lucky 3 Mbps up. I have disabled any QoS. I have disabled NAT...
  10. J

    Bought home with wired ethernet

    Bought a home with wired ethernet and looking to optimize the speed of my access points. Currently I have the cable modem plugged into #1 of a switch that leads to my main router in the study. From there, I have the router connected to a powerline to 3 different routers in my home acting access...