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Plex.tv: Connect on Wired, Can't connect on Wifi?

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I have a RT-AC3100 router running Merlin 386.11. When a windows laptop is connected via a cable, the laptop can load https://plex.tv in Chrome. When I pull the cable and connect to the router's wifi, Chrome cannot connect to https://plex.tv, times out and reports ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

I can't see this problem on any other site and both nslookup and tracert both seem to connect just fine without error.

I'm trying to diagnose this problem but I'm stumped. If it's a problem with the laptop, I don't understand what the ethernet or wifi adapters could be doing differently from each other. And if it's a problem with the router, I can't see any setting that is different based on the connection type.

Does anybody have ideas?
Did you try stopping Chrome and restarting it (or at least closing the tab) for the connection change? Sounds like maybe their web interface is setting specifics for the connection within the browser which then don't match. Just a WAG, since everything else seems to be working fine.
I've switched to a new session with Firefox and it's still the same error on wifi.

However, it looks like enabling Adaptive QoS seems to be the problem. I'm not sure what's going on, but toggling it disrupts the connection to plex for some reasons.

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