2.5gb port = slower Wi-Fi


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I have an RT-AX86U and just got bell Canada 1.5gbps service installed with a home hub 4000. The 4000 has a 10gb lan port that I plugged Into standard wan port an the ASUS. Did wireless tests and all was ok, but capping out somewhat below 1gbps. I thought I’d try the bell 10gb port to the ASUS 2.5gb port and wireless speeds went down, substantially. Testing speed via the ASUS app shows higher speed received at the router, but wifi went down. thoughts?
PS still working on setting the up the ASUS using PPPOE and bell credentials but haven’t got that far yet.


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What features, options and settings have you changed past defaults when you set up the router? Are you flipping settings back and forth (known to cause issues in certain cases)?

After flashing the latest firmware (which version is it, btw?), did you do a full reset to factory defaults?

[Wireless] ASUS router Hard Factory Reset | Official Support | ASUS Global

Are you importing an old backup config file? Or (suggested), are you minimally and manually configuring the router to secure it and connect to your ISP?

The following may also help you get your router/network to a good/known state.

Fully Reset / Best Practice Setup / More


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Is there any way you can see what the Hub and ASUS have negotiated for connection speed? I've had cases where 10 and 2.5 GbE don't properly auto-negotiate. I had to get a managed 10 GbE switch and force the connection rate on the 10 GbE port to 2.5 GbE to get it to work.

How are you seeing "higher speed received at the router"? Can you show a screenshot?

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