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GT-AX6000 slower download on 2.5gb vs 1gb

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I have a GT-AX6000 and XB7 modem (bridged) and my internet plan is 1gb down. When connecting to my router from my modems 2.5gb port my download is 890mbps. If I connect to my router from my modems 1gb port I get 940mbps. If I connect directly to my pc from my modems 2.5gb or 1gb port I get 940mbps. I've tried different cables, computers, and firmware (asus and merlin) and the results are always the same. It's not a massive speed difference but it's really bothering me, especially if I get a faster internet plan down the road.
Welcome to the forums @mikeynrg.

I'm unsure how you're testing from your post above, but assuming the best...

Yes, different equipment has different capabilities.

When you get higher ISP speeds, you will most likely want new equipment in any case.

Nothing is offered to be usable at 'maximums' a few years down the road (even if marketing may lie otherwise, and claim to be usable when first available).

This performance variation is known. Networking at consumer router levels with consumer-level client devices isn't a science (yet).

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