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3proxy with multiple gateways

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I recently flashed my ASUS AC66U with Merlin 380.70 and successfully installed Entware to run 3Proxy. Currently, I have 3 devices on my local network: the ASUS modem at, 4G modem #1 at, and 4G modem #2 at My objective is to use the internet from either 4G modem on demand through 3Proxy.

Here's my current setup:

  • ASUS modem at
  • 4G modem #1 at
  • 4G modem #2 at
Previously, I achieved this by installing 3Proxy on a different computer on the network. However this is not an option now, I need to find a way to run 3Proxy directly from the ASUS modem.

I've been experimenting with routing and virtual interfaces for the past three days without success. Networking is not my strong suit, and I'm hoping to find some assistance here.

Any guidance on how to configure 3Proxy on the ASUS AC66U to use the gateways or on demand would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!
I needed to create a virtual interface say eth0:1 on an ip I choose, say
so my problem was when I tried adding another gateway I get an error that a default gateway exist
so this is how I was able to do it

ip route add default via table 200
ip rule add from table 200
iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -s -j MARK --set-mark 1
ip rule add fwmark 1 table 200
ip route show table 200

Now I just bind to my virtual interface, and I get the request routed through gateway

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