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multiple entries using ‘arp-scan’ but not reflected in ‘arp’ command

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To expand, I get multiple arp entries when conducting the ‘arp-scan’ command on my eth0 interface for my router.

However none of these entries are seen when using ‘arp’. I've transcribed a rough example from my ssh session.
arp-scan - I eth0 -l
Results(Ive fudged the network IDs, The Host IDs are correct):

arp -i eth0

Router model is RTAC86U. To add, none of these entries are my router's actual host id (Host id is
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Two different functions that you can read from their respective man pages:

arp-scan sends ARP packets to hosts on the local network... https://linux.die.net/man/1/arp-scan
Arp manipulates or displays the kernel's IPv4 network neighbour cache. https://www.man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/arp.8.html
Would this mean there are other hosts on that interface's network*,if looking at the arp-scan output. If so, is this something to be concerned about (duplicate hosts being generated or something to that effect).
Without seeing the real data I can't be sure. But I suspect this could be the proxy-arp situation described in the documentation. I see it on my gateway network:
xxx.4.152.1      00:01:5c:7a:fa:47       CADANT INC.
xxx.4.152.2      00:01:5c:7a:fa:47       CADANT INC.
xxx.4.152.3      00:01:5c:7a:fa:47       CADANT INC.
xxx.4.152.4      00:01:5c:7a:fa:47       CADANT INC.
xxx.4.152.5      00:01:5c:7a:fa:47       CADANT INC.
xxx.4.152.6      00:01:5c:7a:fa:47       CADANT INC.
xxx.4.152.7      00:01:5c:7a:fa:47       CADANT INC.
xxx.4.152.8      00:01:5c:7a:fa:47       CADANT INC.
xxx.4.152.9      00:01:5c:7a:fa:47       CADANT INC.

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