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[AC88U] VPN + Time Machine

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New Around Here

I have question and maybe someone will help.

I try to connect to time machine when I'm over VPN from office. When I'm in home I can find and connect to time machine without problem.

For VPN I use IPSec

Thanks for any help
Can you connect to any other device in your home?

At the office, are you actually connected over your VPN? If you are, it may be something in the office's network that is blocking your TM access?
Ok, maybe I write it not clear. I use time machine on Asus AC88U with external hard drive and VPN also on the router. When I'm in home I can find backup disk without a problem (over the net) but when I connect over VPN (form office or other location) my Mac can't find the disk in network and time machine don't work.

Over VPN I get IP in and my LAN is in subnet.

This same with DLNA, when I start VPN I can't find DLNA server (running on an Asus router also)
Did you change Manage Client-Specific Options to Yes?

And, also change Allow Client <-> Client to Yes too?

Found in the Server advanced settings.

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