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I am new here and hope someone can help me.
I have a second NAS that I am trying to setup on my network through my router. I want to be able to access it when I travel. The first NAS works fine when I set it up using port 21.
On the second one I am using the port range of 820-821 to ip address
Years ago I had a second NAS and had it working and this was how I thought I had it set up.
When I try to ftp into it, I get the error message

Failed to connect to /**.***.***.** (port 821) from port / from (port 41942).

What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it to get it working?


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Port forwarding to a NAS or other client on your LAN is a sure way to get hacked. Especially with FTP as it is not very secure. Using UPnP is also not secure. It is a sure bet your NAS builder has a more secure way and you can also use a VPN to access your data through the router.


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Ditto on the advice already given.

Specifying the brand and models involved could potentially be useful helping you in the future too.

To address your actual issue though, knowing your ISP situation and the type of service, modem, etc could provide clues about how your port forwarding is or is not setup.

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