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My 2.4 network drops constantly

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Hi All
Have a problem that is driving me mad. I have an Asus Router AC3100 with merlin firmware that i have set up with both 2.4 and 5G network. I have all my smart devices like Nest, garage door opener etc on the 2.4 network. I only keep our computer devices on the 5G.
For some reason, the 2.4 drops what seems like weekly. I notice my ring cameras go offline. So I have to reboot the router.

Should I connect a second router, which I have laying around, and use it as an access point and just use that for the 2.4 network, or just get a new wifi 6 router??
A second router won't help if there is an underlying problem elsewhere.

What firmware are you using? What features/options are you running on the router? Do you have any USB devices connected to the router?

How long has the problem been happening for?

When was the last time you performed a full reset after flashing the latest firmware and then following that with a minimal and manual configuration to secure the router and connect to your ISP?

Although RMerlin's fork still shows this model supported today, it may be on its way out from his releases too soon.

The GT-AX6000 or the newer RT-AX88U Pro are the suggested upgrades today. Anything less, and you're probably overpaying for inferior hardware. Anything more, and you're probably (highly) overpaying for the privilege of being a beta tester for uncertified hardware.
I had a feeling I may need a new router. This one is many years old. I was looking at a TP link but I read there are a lot of security issues.
I noticed this happening a few weeks ago when I installed ring cameras and put all my IOT devices on the separate 2.4 network.
I guess it's just the case of a lot of devices fighting for the bandwidth.
Well I got a new router anyway, seeing as most me was getting up there in years. Picked an asus RT-AX88u pro. I have the Merlin firmware in it.
Tinkering around yo make sure I get all the settings.
If I go 3 weeks without a drop I know I made the right call.
To properly test your new router, be sure that after you installed the firmware you want to use, you perform a full reset to factory defaults, do not use any saved backup config files, and do not insert a USB drive that was previously used for amtm/script use (before inserting it into a PC and formatting it to NTFS).


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