Solved Amplifi HD(no mesh) vs Blue Cave vs AC86U vs AC88U vs AC5300 plus few other local options


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Hi all,

Greetings from New Zealand!

Currently running Linksys WRT AC1900AC. Tidy little performer with good speeds but terrible software and sick of using the mobile app that is unresponsive.

Must have:

-Decent WiFi 5g speeds
-VLAN tagging
-Most importantly built-in OpenVPN or alternative such as Teleport (Amplifi).

House is small ish at 120m2 or 1300sqft.
4 devices connected via LAN getting around 800-950mbps and few devices on 5G getting around 400-500mbps. Speed isn't my current issue, it's the lack of parental controls that works and needing a good built in reliable software.

Currently a few 2nd hand options I have locally:

All in NZD so you get a comparative idea.

Amplifi HD - $250-300 (for the 3 pack mesh)
Amplifi HD (no mesh) - $200
Blue Cave - $200
AC86U - $200
AC88U - $170
AC5300 - $300
TUF & RT-AX3000 - 320 (new)
Ax55 - $200

Could you please recommend the best value for money option out of these?
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