Asus AC88U is losing clients


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The latest stable software was FW_RT_AC88U_300438520631 where my client list is stable example 15 connected.
When I look at the client list, it jumps brightly and does not keep in touch constantly with my devices example 15-10-5-15-8-2-10 and so on.
Now from today I use the latest merlin but seems to be the same. It has not been possible to talk example on WhatsApp because it cuts and reconnects.
It has been added a bit in software since 300438520631 so my question is are there any settings I missed that I should do.
Has 2 pcs and both behave equally . Asus says the router is broken and when I said that they work well with old software answer they run on it then.
I have done Hard reset after each update but it does not help.
Is there anyone who can explain which setting I missed so it should keep my clients constantly connected


New Around Here
Anybody else has seen this behaviour or solved this?

I see the same behavior with my AC88U on Merlin firmware with different version for at least 6 months already, although it does not seem to cause issues it is weird that my good old N66U doesnt have this problem and still shows all clients constantly.

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