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Asus node not connecting SOLVED.

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Last night i updated both devices firmware and only noticed the AX55 node was not connected this morning for no apparent reason, when in actual fact it dropped straight after the update.

Some of this information has been pulled from another website. Hope this helps someone, this took me a while to nut out.

Firmware used for method one:
AX88u: RT-AX88U_3004_388.4_beta3.zip
AX55: ASUS RT-AX55 Firmware version

Method one:-

1. From page Administration - Operation Mode
2. Switch to AiMesh Node from fully configured Wireless router Mode(default)
3. Automatic reboot
4. Without powering off even once.

1. From page Aimesh - Add AiMesh Node
2. Search
3. AX55 will be discovered( with Wifi mark)
4. It will fail at about 35%
5. Showing unable to add Aimesh.
Following this path it fails every time.


To break this ice, after switching to AiMesh Node.
You need to do,
1. Power on AX55
2. Wait until it is fully booted
3. Check if WebUI is accessible.
4. Power off
5. Do 1 to 4 power on/off at least twice.
6. Power on and wait WebUI to be up
7. Connect AX88U LAN to AX55 WAN
8. AX88U From page Aimesh - Add AiMesh Node
9. AX55 will be discovered( with ETH mark)
10. Progress bar will exceed 40% , and pairing will be a success

** The above method did not work with the new firmware for me with the latest firmware. The below was my course of action...

AX88u: RT-AX88U_3004_388.4_0.zip
AX55: ASUS RT-AX55 Firmware version

Method 2. (make sure both devices have no other ethernet cables in them during the process apart from your own)

1. AX88U updated to latest merlin via laptop w/ webui.
2. AX55 updated to latest stock via laptop w/ Recovery App. (make sure ethernet is plugged into WAN port)
3. Reset both devices to defaults.
4. Set laptop to and connect to AX55, check webui works.
5. Power down AX55 and power on again to check webui works.
6. Plug ethernet cable into LAN AX88U -> WAN AX55. (can this be skipped? the node was detected as WIFI)
7. add node via AX88U webui. Detects and adding is successful. (detected node as WIFI).
8. proceed to configure AX88u to suit your topology requirements. In my case this was changing operation mode to AP and setting gateway to pfSense then plugging in the ethernet cable from the main switch.
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