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Asus RT-ac68U and Fixed Wireless Config

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Hi all I am having trouble configuring the router to connect to the WAN via the fixed wireless connection and to also use the USB failover at the same time.
Imhave fixed wireless in otherword, dish on the roof then Cat 6 cable connect to wan port on router and I have a username and password ppoe setup.

Internet Connection tab >>>> My settings are WAN type : WAN
Dual WAN Primary WAN >>>> Ethernet LAN & LAN port 4
Secondary WAN >>>> WAN

I have internet access this way but on the

Network Map tab >> Primary WAN > network cable unlugged
Secondary WAN > connected

But this way I can’t select the Secondary WAN as USB to be able to use the failover USB dongle.
How do I make use or the primary WAN to free up that secondary WAN connection.


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