ASUS RT-AC86U last Merlin fw. 384.19 (14-Aug-2020) Internet outages

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Hi, please, I need to advise you, we use an ASUS RT-AC86U router in the company, after uploading the last Merlin fw 384.19 (14-Aug-2020) the internet connection often fails. Question: Is it some default setting in that fw., or a bug in fw, and is it necessary to return fw to the previous version? Thank you for your help and all the advice.


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Internet outage doesn't tell us much. Is the WAN connection failing? Is the DNS failing? If you are using DoT it is possible for that connection to fail from time to time.


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Running Merlin 384.19 on my AC86U router and AC68U node without any issues here.

Have you tried a factory reset and manual configuration, as that will be one of the suggestions people will make.


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Thank you for your answers. The problem was no longer. More users were connected and the provider had no problem connecting the wan to the company, the router was not set to factory settings. Best regards.

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