Asus RT-AC88U 2.4GHz Wireless/Sonos Issue

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New Around Here
Hi All,

I've got a new (to me anyway) Asus RT-AC88U and I'm having issues with the 2.4Ghz wirelss. It seems completely unreliable if I connect to it from my phone. Things seem to time out and pages not load.

I wouldn't be that bothered except my Sonos are only capable of 2.4Ghz. Sometimes they connect sometimes they don't. If I can connect to them I can see everything but it won't play. They worked fine on my old BT Homehub. I've read airtime fairness needs to be disabled, which it is. I can see them connected in list of devices and working fine.

5G and Ethernet run absolutely fine.

Running - Firmware Version:384.16

This is probably not a Merlin specific issue more likely an Asus or Sonos issue but I'm hoping someone might know something and be able to help.


New Around Here
OK I disabled spanning tree protocol and boom it started working.

I've got a couple of switches and media servers in other parts of the house. Will turning it off affect much?

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