Release Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19 is now available

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If we don't have problems with the jffs partition, should we still backup, reinitialize and restore? Knowing what you know about the underlying code is this a prudent preventative step? It seems like a gray area for a partition code change and not be in some weird state.


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How would this jffs “corruption“ affect an AiMesh AC86U node? I have 2 RT-AC86U in an AiMesh setup.


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Did a dirty update from 384.18 fo 384.19 on my RT-AC86U. I think this time I was lucky. VPN CLients and server are still working. Tested a couple of reboots and a cold start. WAN connection had no problems to start. This time there was no need to restore JFFS partition. Should it now be ok like this or is it still better to format and restore JFFS?
As I mentioned above I did a successfull update from 384.18 to 384.19. However afterwards I still did a format of the JFFS partion and then restored a JFFS backup. Right after that I got WAN connection issues again like I had in beta1. The WAN connection was configured with a static IP, and it is a double NAT setup. I managed to fix this problem to first switch to automatic IP let the connection come up and after that I switched back to the static IP configuration again. Now everthing seems to be running fine again. Did several reboots, with switching the router off/on and through the GUI. Every time the WAN connection came up successfully again.


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Upgraded to 384.19, while JFFS appeared OK it turned out various files were corrupted (nonsense contents), all sorted after a format and restore!
Thanks for pointing this out. Dirty flashing an AC86U seemed to work fine, no JFFS issues were obvious, and I would have left it at that. But it only takes a couple minutes to restore and be sure.


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Dirty upgraded an AC88U. Works okay thus far. The "Enable 160 MHz" option still appears on the 5 GHz tab.


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Re: ASUS-RT AC68U - I want Wireguard. May we hope Dev will ever upgrade the kernel for Wireguard? Or I should buy AC86 for Wireguard?


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Did full wipe of JFFS, and complete factory settings prior to isntalling384.19b2 then dirty upgrade to 384.19 final. One error keeps coming back up

Aug 15 08:28:06 kernel: bcm_i2c: bus 0: Failed to detect SFP: 100 retries exhausted


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All systems running fine here so far after upgrading yesterday. Rebooted each device a couple of times after letting it settle.


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I did not do a full reset for the beta. I saw that the wireless driver was updated. Is a full factory reset needed or recommended going from .18 to .19 on an AX88U?


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Performed a dirty upgrade from 384.18 to .19 on an RT-AC86U with two configured OpenVPN servers - no observed issues thus far.

I have not enabled the persistent JFFS2 partition in my configuration. Do I need to do anything special with JFFS due to the partition changes in my case?

Should I enable the JFFS2 partition for use by the router firmware?
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Dirty upgrade 384.18 to 384.19 on RT-AC86U running FLEX-QOS. No issues, no need to restore /JFFS

Thank you!

Great work Merlin,



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Just updated AC86u - forgot to unmount my USB, glad I had backed up my jffs. flash seemed like it took less time than usual, but reconnecting to my ISP seemed like it took longer than usual.
Needed to reboot after jffs re-load, and then as the router was settling, CPUs both went to 100% but calmed quickly (maybe 10-12 seconds).
Everything seems fine so far...but I may still factory reset because I've not done that since I first put Merlin on it.

Now I have to go prowling the unbound thread to see if there is a way to backup its data so that it survives reboot/reflash.

Thanks, @RMerlin !!

UPDATE - 100hrs since dirty update, no issues.
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0 days 19 hour(s) 0 minute(s) 5 seconds after a dirty upgrade...all is well!
Thanks, Eric!
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