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Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.10 beta is now available for AC models

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Asuswrt-Merlin dev
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Asuswrt-Merlin 386.10 beta is now available for Wifi 5 (AC) models.

  - NOTE: 386_xx releases are only for Wifi 5 (AC) models.
  - NEW: Added Site Survey page under Network Tools tab.
  - UPDATED: dnsmasq to 2.89.
  - UPDATED: openvpn to 2.6.0.
  - UPDATED: openssl to 1.1.1t.
  - UPDATED: miniupnpd to 2.3.3.
  - UPDATED: Asus security daemon updated to 2.0 engine (patch
             from Asus)
  - CHANGED: Moved WiFi Radar and Site Survey to the
             Network Tools tab
  - CHANGED: Disabled auto logout on System Log and
             Wireless Log pages.
  - CHANGED: Reduced EDNS packet size from 1280 to 1232
             bytes in dnsmasq, to better work with some
             upstream servers not fully supporting EDNS0.
  - FIXED: NTP redirection wouldn`t work properly with
           Guest Network, removed redirection for these.
  - FIXED: Added missing Tools icon on ROG UI (icon
           contributed by Cody).
  - FIXED: RT-AC68U may crash when using Media Bridge mode
           with a specific SSID length (patch from Asus)

Please keep discussions in this thread on this specific release. This thread will eventually be locked once the release feedback has died down.

Downloads are here.
Changelog is here.
watching with interest from the sidelines until thru beta...as usual.
Upgraded my RT-AC5300 mesh node with everything looking like it's running smoothly.
AC3100 as an AP and several 68Us in media bridge mode upgraded from 386.9. All good so far!
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AC86U in Bridge Mode: Smooth update to 386.10-beta1. All IOTs are up and working.
RT-AC66U_B1 (base model: RT-AC68U)

No Problems so far - smooth as can be.

VPN Running, AMTM with almost all scripts running
RT-AC68U dirty upgrade without problems
GT-AC2900, did a dirty upgrade 386.9 to beta. Some scripts didn't load, did a reboot. Everything seems to be working fine. Been up for about 12 hours, no issues so far.
Does any body here know why I setup my AC86u as AIMesh Node, but after a while it turns out to be in Repeater mode, and my AIMesh Router is GT-AXE11000, and they are linked up with Ethernet cable, since the WIFI signal is weak.


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If it's not just a bug, who else has access to your network equipment?
Upgraded my RT-AC5300 via a dirty route...all is well!
working well on my RT5300 thanks
Pulled my AT5300's out of the closet to gift them to my wife's cousin. They were on a 386.3 beta release, loaded up 386.10 beta from a reset, set everything up, added a few scripts, setup OpenVPN and working solid. I then went to try and add the other 5300 as a mesh node, but in getting it to 386.10 beta I had to set it up as a router to get to the GUI to update the firmware. Gave up after several tries.

What I did next, is on the main router enabled backhaul and wired the routers togther (Node/WAN to Router/LAN) still nothing. After several more attempts. I WPS reset the node, waited for it to come fully up (All LED's lit except for LAN) and procedded to add it at the router. The router found the node immediately, almost instantly actually and with Ethernet backhaul already enabled.

I'm guessing that if there's anything set on what will be the node, it couldn't be added as a node until it was wiped clean with a reset. Then it was found immediately by the router over Ethernet. I may remove it and try to add it again over wifi to see if it finds it again under the same cirumstances as so many folks have been having problems adding a node. Just to see if the same trick works (reset the node prior to adding it)

It's been a few hours and still going strong. Rock Solid...

This is good practice for when I go to 388 family on my AX88u router, AX86u nodes
Not sure if Asus.com DDNS server is down or there is an issue with this Beta Firmware causing the DDNS status to show Inactive with a Request error.

Anyone else having issues?

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