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  1. javiertecla

    Aimesh AX11000 + GT AC5300

    good evening dear community, I would like you to be able to guide me to try to configure my Aimesh in the best way, I will share with you how I have set the options and if you can tell me what would be right or what would really be wrong. The idea is to be able to squeeze as much as I can from...
  2. H

    Guest VLAN Working on AX11000 Ethernet!

    Sorry if this has been posted already, So recently I've been needing 2 extra VLANS, Mostly so I can easily seperate my network from my parents (seperate houses connected via fiber) So my parents are not double NAT'd. We have 2 IP's from the ISP so I did have there Eero router connected to the...
  3. F

    How to set the link speed on GT-AX11000?

    Hi all, i would like to know if there is some way how to setup the WAN port speed to 1G Full Duplex permanently. The port is set to autonegotiation (found via SSH). I was able to figure out how to set the port to 1G Full Duplex but the settings disappeared after while and i would like to...
  4. P

    HELP GT-AX11000 getting worse by the day (losing connections by device type)

    So I've had this horrible piece of hardware since the spring and up to about 2 weeks ago, it was fairly "stable" with what worked and what didn't. I've had ongoing issues with getting the connected but no internet on my phones and laptops, ethernet and wifi for months... then about 2 weeks I...
  5. S

    AX11000 and an AC5300 AiMesh issues + Dual WAN question

    Our house is 3 stories ( basement) and we upgraded recently to an AX11000 series from our current GT AC5300 router. 5300 worked fine just noticed a decent increase with the AX11000. Here's the situation: Basement and 2nd floor are the only areas that have 1 room that contains multiple outlets...
  6. R

    AX11000 2.5G Port getting disconnected

    Hi! So i have 2 AX11000 in AiMesh mode, i have the node connected by ethernet backhaul to the main one using the 2.5G port, because i have dual wan (2 ISP´s) in balance mode (1000 mbps + 600 mbps) so triying to get the most out of it via wireless, but the node gets disconnections a couple times...
  7. R

    HELP/Setup Advice: DSL-AC68U as a standalone modem with the GT-AX11000 as the router.

    Hi Everyone I will keep this short: I have had the DSL-AC68U for a while now. The AC68U modem works wonderfully, and the internet is great when connected (wired) however the wireless router is rubbish (speed issues & dropouts with distance). So I have recently purchased the GT-AX11000 router for...
  8. P

    ASUS GT-AX11000 Random / Intermittent Connection Reboot/Reset Issue

    Hi guys I need your advice on the GT-AX11000 with firmware version : Since I got this, I normally experience these reboots every so often. It stops being connected, all WiFi / WAN LED resets and goes back to normal. The router itself does not actually reboot but the LED...
  9. J

    AX11000 Upload speed issue

    Ive tried everything including calling ISP and ASUS (who is currently pondering the issue). I have a few ASUS routers, most recently an GT-AX11000, a GT-AC5300, a RT-AC5300 and an older RT-AC3200. I have Fiber 1 Gig. and until within the past week was getting close to the 1 Gig on the wired...
  10. H

    Is it Posible to add Ethernet Port Through USB on ASUS AX11000

    I seen some videos of the OS, the dual wan settings, when you choose the second one slot it allows you to choose USB. Also I know you can add cellular modem trough USB too Basically I wonder if anyone tried adding 2.5G USB Ethernet card to USB 3.0 port? In reality you can get 5G trough USB, they...
  11. T

    WiFi 6 was not worth it for me ~ Journey of WiFi 6 AiMesh back to WiFi 5 UniFi ~

    Who is this for? I've written this to share my personal experience to those who believe WiFi 6 is the best one can get right now. Yet, your experience is not quite as impressive as you expected. Perhaps, debating WiFi 5 vs. WiFi 6 because of different reviews. This is one technophilic person's...
  12. I

    Wondering about Wi-Fi 6 routers and how they currently function

    Hi I was wondering about Wi-Fi 6 routers and how they currently function, would appreciate some advice: Background: Initially, I had two Netgear AC routers (R7800), one acting as main router and other as access point. Sometime ago, I bought Asus RT-AX88U, however, it had some issues handshaking...
  13. Draghmar

    TP-Link Archer AX11000 vs Netgear RAX120 vs Asus GT-AX11000

    Hi I had Asus AC66U for about 10 years but it simply died. Why? Have no idea. I did tried to revive it (like I did couple of times already) but I failed. So I have to buy new piece of hardware. I have only few major features that router has to fulfil: Link aggregation. At least 2.5Gbit port for...
  14. R

    siting an ips/ids/dnsBlock(PfSense? or ClearOs?) in a vpn cascade?

    Current: Inet->wan-AC68u (ipsec passthrough)-lan ->wan-AX11000gt Hello all, Firstly, I wish everyone safe and well during this time of global worry. Please, could you kindly help me out, I think I know what to do, however I don't want to sway advice with my inexperienced opinion. After 8...
  15. Kashif Tasneem

    VPN Server - Local Network vs Internet and Local Network?

    Hi. I recently setup VPN server (Open VPN) on my Asus GT AX-11000 router to access it remotely. Problem is that I can only access it when I have checked "Internet and Local Network". According to my understanding, it redirects all of my Internet traffic through the ISP of my router. But I want...
  16. Kashif Tasneem

    NAS and router security concerns

    Hi. My NAS is Qnap TS-451+ and my router is Asus GT AX-11000. Yesterday I was trying to setup a DDNS on my NAS and opened some ports and enabled UPnP on my router. When I logged into my NAS today, I saw hundreds of failed login attempts from remote IPs. I searched and found out it’s due to...
  17. gundrted

    GT-AX11000 and Looking to add rt-ax58u

    I have a ax11000 and it's running great. I have an old MacBook Pro with a slowly failing wireless NIC and a second Windows laptop in the same location. My house is old (built in the 40s) and there is no option to run rj45 to the location. The basic requirements are at least 2 (maybe 3) gig...
  18. Kashif Tasneem

    GT-AX11000 -> No 160 Mhz on 5Ghz-2?

    Hi. Does 5Ghz-2 band not support 160 Mhz? Please see the attached image. I have 160 Mhz appearing only on 5Ghz-1. 160 Mhz isn't available on 5Ghz-2 channel bandwidth dropdown as well.
  19. Kashif Tasneem

    Using AX-11000 2.5g port as traditional WAN/ LAN ?

    Hi. AX-11000 contains a 2.5g WAN port. It's shape is different from traditional WAN/ LAN Port. Is there a convertor or something to use it for traditional WAN/ LAN? I have 2 internet connections. I have set them up on 1 WAN and 1 LAN port. As AX-11000 contains only 4 LAN ports, I was wondering...
  20. H

    ASUS AX11000 or Archer AX11000

    Guys, what do people here think about TP-Llnk? Can they make good products? This Archer AX11000 is newer release [I think September 2019] vs ASUS, so it probably has some bugfixes and maybe even [maybe, who knows] will get WiFi 6E update. Mainly it has 8 port switch over 4 in asus, it also has...