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AX68U QoS can`t use my whole connection speed

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I've been running on two AC68U for years with adaptive QoS with no problem.
I've upgraded to AX86U month's ago with even much better performance in many aspects.

Today my ISP provider upgraded my former 300/100 Mbps to 600/100 Mbps, so I changed the limits on QoS to reflect this.

But I couldn't get more than 390-400 Mbps on my tests no matter what kind of QoS I used and no matter what priorities I make.
Every time I switch QoS off I get 600 Mpbs but when I switch it on there's no way to get near that speed.
Cake type was the one that hit the 400 Mbps; adaptive couldn't passed 320-340 Mbps

I refuse to believe that the router can't handle my speeds. I read people with issues on Gbps speeds but this is not the case.

Any ideas?

At those speeds I agree, QoS not needed.
And is it an AX68U or AX86U. AS you are talking about Cake you are using Merlin firmware? If so this thread should be in the Asuswrt-Merlin area...
Sorry, it is indeed a Merlin on an AX86U. I misplaced this.
Can an admin move this to the correct place?

Could the issue be that NAT acceleration is being turned off by the QoS?

And I agree with the others in that QoS may not be needed anymore. I would suggest using the router without QoS for a bit and observe performance.

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