AX86U - AX / 160 clarity with ac / ax mixed clients and 2.4 AX stuff

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I am still stuck with my AC thought process, so I think I understand but would like some clarity. I want to make sure I'm not missing something on the wifi settings side. I know when running wifi analyzer to verify clean channels, I am at 80mhz on the 5g "Testing amazing by the way", and 20mhz on the 2.4. I assumed I could lock 160mhz instead of auto on 5g, but my AC2x2 Chromebook Pixel disconnected. I assume the only way to lock 160mhz and working is with all AX client devices only? I have currently one ax device "speed testing between 550-630 on my gig internet with that 80mhz currently" and more ax devices being purchased later this year. Majority of all current devices are AC, and I have the low tiered AC wifi stuff connected to 2.4 and my priority wifi devices on 5g. All gaming consoles are wired.

1. Is it accurate that I can't lock 160 with AC devices, or is it covering channels outside of what my regular AC clients are seeing, and that's why it won't see 5g connection when locking 160mhz?

2. How does AX on 2.4 actually work, being that it's basically stuck in 20hz all the time? Does anyone actually use AX clients on 2.4? What am I missing here?

3. Under wifi 2.4 and 5g settings, 160mhz and AX default checked on "initial check up option when setting up router" , I have all default settings basically on both 2.4 and 5g, except locking in the least interfered channels. Currently 6, and 161. I have manually set. Anything outside of this I should review or toggle?

Thanks, and appreciate the patience. Maybe I need to re-read the Duckware breakdown article?! :cool::p


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Ignore what any 'wifi analyzer' shows/reports. Great to waste time with, less effective to get a stable/fast network in the least amount of time though.

Test all primary control channels for your network environment and your specific client devices. No 'app' will account for those two wildly variable aspects.

1. Not true. I have 160MHz 'only' but clients connect at the rates they can. Most are not AX clients either.

2. They work the same as the 5GHz clients' work. The Modulation Scheme is what is making them 'faster', if possible. I don't use the 2.5GHz band at all with 2x RT-AX86U's completely covering the home in 5.0GHz Wi-Fi.

3. See the following links for the details you are asking for. But note that I find that changing/toggling settings back and forth (and even rebooting afterward) is not equivalent to putting the suggested settings as indicated after a full reset either.

New M&M 2020

M&M 2020 Specifics

Fully Reset Router and Network

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Wi-Fi Setup 25/2.5 d/u Report


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Got it, they all connect now on the reboot! 160mhz locked in now.

AX device uhhhhh, yah. 20 -30 feet out or so tested 715 meg down. The 160mhz certainly upped it's average, and the long distance drop isn't severe either. YAY, I'll take it :cool:


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Thanks for the links, I'll dig in.

One quick question, when I look in the router menu on connected devices when I was naming, etc. I saw wired pop up, and then later disappeared? I am not using the wired ports on the router, just the 2.5 in from the modem...but I saw two wired pop up as Technicolor CH USA Inc. I think it's my Directv genie stuff, and the small boxes connected to the main that is connected via wi fi? That's all I can come up with when I search.


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I don't understand/perceive a question? :)


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All good, it was the two small directv receivers that talk back to the main directv receiver, both show as wired so it was odd to see.

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