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Opinion/feedback please on combining an AX6000 with my AX86U

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I'm currently running gig on compatable 2.5 gig bandwidth connections. Going down the rabbit hole, because...why not. lol

I'm contemplating adding an AX6000 to the system which would allow me to stay 2.5 IF I go to 2.5 speeds in the future, plus I do test at the modem 1.2gig to 1.4 gig at times already, knowing I'll take that extra 400 meg for AX traffic the wifi hit adds. Would I be wasting money or anchoring max bandwidth via WiFi AX with the added distance powere that comes with two? Do y'all see any issues with devices selecting and jumping correctly or is it hit and miss? I love my current speeds and have no issues, and stay locked in at 160 hz. on the 5g channel,. TRX rates bouce between 1,600-2,440 depending on distance currently.
I presume you mean the GT-AX6000? I got one a few months and although it's perfectly stable, Asus' lack of support (latest firmware is June 2023) has me worried that it won't be well supported by the company.

There's also a TUF-AX6000 based on a Mediatek platform which seems to be better supported at the moment, but imho, it looks even worse.

You might want to consider the RT-AX88U Pro instead, assuming pricing is close to the same as the model you've been looking at. It seems to be the model Asus is using internally for firmware development at the moment, at least as far as 802.11ax models are concerned.

Wasting money, well, that's up to you. I moved countries and was using the free ISP provided hardware for a while, but it was awful. I have an RT-AX86U Pro and an RT-AX68U where we used to live, due to our house there being terrible for WiFi signal penetration, so one was set up as an AP with the Pro replacing a Netgear R7800 that died after 7+ years.
Adding? In what way? Wired or wireless backhaul?

If your connection rates are above 1,600Mbps now, you'll (possibly) soon have too much WiFi with a wired connection. With a wireless backhaul, your network will suffer from where it is now.
Wired, I'd 100% wire between all with 2.5 ports, then space out for Wifi. Not sure if it'll do much but curb drop off on WiFi strength on 160 hz. Just a stupid idea if I'm wanting to throw money around randomly. I have great speeds and strength as is, just talking out loud wondering if there would truly be any gains...I'm guessing it'll just pull higher megs at distance like the garage or in the yard. I'm the idiot that likes to squeeze all I can out of the built in wifi hit we take. I have about 9 AX devices, so all helps.
The best way to do it with a wired backhaul would be to spread the main and node as far apart as possible in every dimension (x, y, and z).

AiMesh Ideal Placement

Not an 'idiot' for wanting to maximize your ISP speeds throughout your home. Just make sure it is an improvement and not making it worse (before your return period expires).
You really need to ask yourself how much you use bandwidth over 1 GB. Are you prepared to upgrade any Ethernet cabling you have? Do you really want to pay for high bandwidth you will use 10 % of the time? While it would be fun to have it may not be a good use of your resources.
Work covers my internet bills and I can get 2.5gig for $99 here currently. It's more about trying to perfect and max wifi at distance. My house is wired cat5 and I know it can handle 2.5 as my runs aren't a mile and centered up pretty well. Even if I don't up to 2.5, I'm testing over a gig, so I don't want to leave any speed out there with the wifi overhead tax.

Since I haven't done this before, can you ride the same wifi channel groupings? How is that part set up and how do clients normally do with grabbing the right/strongest one?

ps. I completely understand not tapping all the power, I'm just greedy. lol
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