Blocking YouTube on certain devices

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My old TPLink router had a function in the parental settings that let you blacklist sites on certain devices. This was very useful way for me to block access to sites like YouTube and Twitch on the kids' tablets.

I can see parental settings to block categories in the new firmware but I don't see any way to blacklist specific sites. How would I do this?



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Diversion is the router ad blocker of choice here for Merlin firmware. It has a YouTube ad blocking feature but it doesn't work reliably.

It started actually blocking Hulu ads for me about a week or two ago. It was working great. Now it stopped working. Sitting through 90 second ads again is killing me. I hate ads with a burning passion the strength of a thousand sun's.


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Have you checked out Setting > Firewall > URL Filter or Settings > LAN > DNSFilter?
Otherwise you could also use an external service like NextDNS if you want more flexibility in blocking / whitelising sites.

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What works for me is actually combination of DNS Filter and NextDNS. I created NextDNS profiles for both of my kids and associated their devices with respective custom DNS addresses. Now turning on and off apps and websites is a breeze + at the same time they are protected by various ad / tracker / malware blocklists. Highly recommended for all overprotective geek dads ;-)
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