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Can the RT-AC88U be configured to use the Pluggable 2.5G USB adapter for use as primary lan?

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Good morning,
Apologies if this has been asked before, I did a quick search and did not see anything specific to see if the RT-AC88U be configured to use the Pluggable 2.5G USB adapter for use as primary LAN WAN.
I was reading this thread [Success] 2.5G USB on GT-AX11000 and had another read of Renjie's post Towards 2.5GbE (NBASE-T) on ASUS RT-AX88U with RTL8156B and Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19 and wondered if this method could be applied to the RT-AC88U.

I'm far from an expert on things, but I think I could probably get the files compiled by following instructions and I do like to tinker with things from time to time. However, I would need to purchase the Pluggable adapter, and while not overly expensive, it might be a bit of a waste if I did not need it.

Part of me is wondering if it'd just be simpler to upgrade from the RT-AC88U to either an GT-AX6000 or RT-AX88U Pro (when they're readily available) both of which have 2 x 2.5GB ports on them.
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Upgrade is the only solution. With USB-to-Ethernet adapter (if recognized and working) you'll get lower reliability, nowhere near 2.5GbE speeds, and your router's hardware is too weak even for Gigabit speeds anyway. If you need 2.5GbE LAN you don't need to upgrade your router - get a switch.
I edited my post to say WAN instead of LAN as I had a bozo moment :D

The underlying reason for asking this is that I'm on a Bell Fibe 1.5G connection and I'm bypassing the HH3K with (what a surprise) RT-AC88U and a MC220L. I had purchased a HELLOTEK T8501S and foolishly thought that as it supported 2.5G I could get the connection to sync at 2.5G which is what I believe the HH3K actually does, and I'd eek out a little bit more speed, however I'd overlooked the need for a 2.5G WAN port on the router to be able to make the connection.

Thanks for the reply, it is much appreciated, and to be honest I have been toying with upgrading the router, though it's certainly a want more than a need.
On the WAN side you have to use Dual WAN with USB WAN - not reliable on Asus routers. Even if you upgrade your router with 2x 2.5GbE ports model you still need network upgrades to utilize >Gigabit connection - 2.5GbE switch and 2.5GbE NICs for your wired devices. For wireless tablets and phones the speed doesn't matter. This 1.5Gb connection will cost you money with minimum returns in user experience. This is what usually happens - the ISP gives you a good "deal" and you chase the speed investing in hardware for no reason. What you can't do with up to Gigabit ISP? You perhaps realize already you're planning to invest mostly in speedtests. Few hundred bucks later your network will work the same way for your everyday online activities.

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