Clarification of Macvlan Docker configuration

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New Around Here
I have the following network configuration and I’m not quite sure I understand it correctly. I created it based on this article:

I wish it diagrammed the configuration like it’s done here:

So... I made an attempt to do that. I’m hoping someone can review it and tell me if I’ve done it correctly. Here’s the diagram:

I have a different configuration from the article. I have the docker containers on a raspberry pi, along with a virtual interface which I think is its own macvlan. It’s able to communicate with the docker containers since it’s in the same subnet (I think) or because it’s a macvlan on the same physical interface so it’s bridged automatically? I think docker has a limitation that prevents its macvlans from communicating with the docker host. On the pi, I add a route through eth0-shim so it can reach the containers. I also have a router that defines a vlan with for the .40 subnet. The containers are created with a default gateway of 40.1 which exists on the router. I define a nexthop on the router for the .40 subnet as 1.2 (the address of the pi). I always feel like I don’t quite understand what I have, even though it’s fully functional. I’m really hoping that someone can either provide some confirmation that I’ve described and understand it correctly, or point out and clarify the areas where I’m not quite right.


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