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Hello all,
I purchased the Commscope MOCA amplifier CSMF1APDU9VPI in order to mitigate noise and amplify the signal in my house. However, the connection diagram as noted on the box is not working for me. The only way the amplifier works is if a I connect all my output cables along with the input signal to the output ports and plug the 15V power to the output port 1. I am not sure if this is correct, since I am not seeing any improvement and the HITRON MOCA adapters drop connection every few hours.
I have checked the speeds and with the amplifier and without (by connecting a Holland 3-way splitter) the amplifier and there is no difference.

I am trying to get the most out of this installation since I have older RG59 coaxial cable inside of my house. I am attaching the diagram for my setup here which is not working for reference. Any help would be much appreciated.
General Setup1 Compressed.jpg
General Setup2.png


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I'm pressed for time, so gotta be brief. Cable amplifiers don't amplify MoCA signals (at frequencies 1125-1675 MHz), just those within the typical cable TV range 5-1002 MHz. Worse for the specific setup diagrammed, one "designed for MoCA" aspect of the pictured amplifier is a built-in "PoE" MoCA filter, likely attenuating MoCA signals by 35+ dB between the input and output ports.

If you don't have cable TV or Internet (DOCSIS) signals requiring amplification, the setup shouldn't include such an amplifier.


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I have removed the Commscope MOCA amplifier, and have also replaced the HITRON MOCA 2.5 adapters with Motorola MM1025 adapters. The DL speed has improved even more, and I am seeing marginal improvements for the UL speeds. I will stick with this setup for the foreseeable future.

However, I have run into another issue noted in this new post

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