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D-Link ships low-cost dual-band draft 11n AP

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PoE, WDS bridging/repeating, VLANs, multiple SSIDs.
I see the black look is back and the white it out! I wonder if the WNPU is integrated or mini-pci NIC so it could be upgradable in the future..?
I guess the wireless part is superior to the DIR-655?
If it got better antennas and a more reliable wireless NIC, along with decent working dual-band / 5GHz I don't see the reason to pick DIR-655? Unless you actually need the router features?

For me the wireless radius and quality of the DIR-655 was disappointing, when you are close enough to the router it works like a charm, but the quality seems to drop quite a bit when you are getting further from the router, when sitting in our living room the old Linksys WRT54Gv5 (yes the horrible v5!) got better range and performance than the DIR-655? Also our DVG-5802S with just two antennas beats the DIR-655?

Dap-2553 has 2 amp power supply, nice range, 3 antannas, nice QoS, Static client ips by MACs.

Most other AP/Routers have 1amp (1000mA).

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