DDNS (inadyn) log errors


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I just setup DDNS on my Asus router (No-IP DDNS premium service). I am not sure what the errors below mean. Could someone please look at the logs below; and, tell me how to avoid these errors? Maybe, they're benign?

Jan 17 11:45:32 watchdog: start ddns.
Jan 17 11:45:32 rc_service: watchdog 325:notify_rc start_ddns
Jan 17 11:45:32 start_ddns: update WWW.NO-IP.COM [email protected], wan_unit 0
Jan 17 11:45:33 inadyn[21594]: In-a-dyn version 2.5 -- Dynamic DNS update client.
Jan 17 11:45:33 inadyn[21594]: Update forced for alias MYCUSTOMURL.COM, new IP#
Jan 17 11:45:35 inadyn[21594]: Fatal error in DDNS server response:
Jan 17 11:45:35 inadyn[21594]: [200 OK] nohost^M

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