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Hi guys!

Always find the typical "hi, hello there" just a tad....bland. So I figured I'd make a very clumsy attempt at something marginally different. But not massively. Lets not go overboard, am I right?

So, I am a bit of a pickle. My mother died recently, and...given that I have health issues and mobility problems, being in the house is my...go to position. I am an avid gamer, so steady internet is a must for me. I am first and foremost a pragmatist. 100 MBs per second? WOW. I can download my file in 10 mins instead of 30 mins! ....My point being, I am more than content to have a diminshment of quality in wifi, as long as it is above a minimum threshold, and is stable/consistent. Beyond that....*shrugs*.

And that is an issue I am having right now, and why I joined this forum. I appreciate that most people, and perhaps dare I say it, most people on this forum, are not as technically inclined as to the raw, intricate workings of the networking arena, and hope that I can be given the support and indulgence of the forum. Its not *just* a technical issue. Its a technical issue that can help provide the necessary salve for a time Im hurting pretty bad. If I seem a bit....snippy or irritable, please be mindful of my circumstances. Not asking for a license to be a totally unpleasant person, but merely a modicum of patience. :) I am a grumpy git the best of times.


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Okay so you're a grumpy guy, cool. What issue are you reporting here? Please take time to define your issue. 100MBs is not enough information.


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If you are complaining about the speed of WIFI, a cable is your best option.


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