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DIR-655 A2 vs. A3 Hardware Revision

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I just recently purchased my second DIR-655 and noticed that one is Hardware Revision A2 and the other is Hardware Revision A3. Does anyone know the difference between these two?
What are the FCC IDs of the two products?
A2 and A3 FCC ID's

Hi Tim,

Probably more information than you need, but below is what appears on the bottom of each router:

Model: DIR-655
P/N: BIR655ANA………A3
H/W Ver: A3
F/W Ver: 1.10
IC ID: 4216A-IR655

Model: DIR-655
P/N: BIR655ANA........A2
H/W Ver: A2
F/W Ver: 1.02
IC ID:4216A-IR635A1
Thanks. Not much difference that I can tell from the FCC ID docs. It's hard to tell exactly because my version A2 photos are with shields and the FCC ID docs don't have photos of the main board.

The A3 appears to use a Realtek switch chip instead of the Vitesse in the A2.

I believe that the radios are the same.

The latest version registered on the FCC site is A4, which gets rid of the mini-PCI radio board and integrates the radio on the board. Also looks like they moved to a more recent generation draft 11n Atheros chipset.
Thanks Tim - Appreciated. I just didn't want to get a response that one of the revisions is junk and should be avoided.
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