Enabling DFS via GUI, sort of. Only can enable via the mobile app?


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Have a AX88 on 386.8 and two ethernet backhaul AX86 Mesh nodes on 386.7.2. The AX88 has 160Mhz configured and working. Channelhog reports its working and I see it with the Killer NIC on the laptop and in the Wireless log on the router. For the longest time whenever I set the laptop up to use 802.1ax, my bandwidth on the NIC in Windows Connection properties would report 2402/209 Mbps. Couldn't figure out why. I downloaded the ASUS Router App on the iPhone and went over to the wireless network settings section, and noticed that while 160MHz bandwidth was enabled, DFS channel was disabled. Once I enabled it, Windows connection properties now showed 2402/2162 Mbps and works like a champ.

So a couple of questions come up as a result...

1) Enabling of the DFS channel does not show up via the router GUI, not in Wireless General or Professional. Only on the Asus Router app on the iPhone, even though 160MHz bandwidth (36/160 - cleared for Radar via wireless log on router - after turning on DFS via the
iPhone app) is enabled. Why?

2) The two ethernet backhaul AX86 Mesh nodes are not inheriting the 160MHz bandwidth setting that the AX88 is set up for, Channelhog reporting the 5Ghz-1 is at 80MHz bandwidth and NVRAM parameters on the AX88 and AX86's don't match for Bandwidth either.
How do I set them up to use 160MHz (and maybe DFS) or do I need to set them up as AP's to get finer control?

Assuming I've done something wrong, or have a setting set that creates the 2 questions/scenarios above and this will be something simple, almost always is... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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