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GT6 node connected via ethernet drops connection when another hardwired connection is added

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So my previous AiMesh setup was an RT88U feeding an RT68U as a node (wirelessly). The WAN port on the RT88 bit the bullet so I picked up the GT6 mesh two pack. Currently have it set as my ONT>Main GT6>AiMesh GT6 via Ethernet. The problem I have is, when I initially set up the secondary node; I plugged in my unmanaged switch and it crashed the system. Thinking okay, perhaps it's a fluke, I left it alone for the time being until I had more time to work on it. Today, I went to plug my desktop in directly to one of the LAN ports on the AiMesh GT6 and it brought the node down again. What am I missing? Can I *NOT* use the LAN ports when using ethernet as a backhaul or did I overlook a setting in the GUI? Any input would be appreciated!
Welcome to the forums @DaBigDogg.

What specific models of routers do you actually have?
That would be the GT6, ROG version of ~XT9.

OP - no experience with them. You're feeding the node's WAN port from the router's LAN port, correct?
I contacted asus about this, no help either. Even dong knows tells it in his review. No firmware update sind May this year. Looks like asus abondonded it right away. Don't buy this product it is a bad working system.
There has been numerous reports on these with no fix. I had a customer of mine return 2 sets with the same issue I’m thinking it’s a firmware problem. They ended up getting a pair of XT12’s and I installed them hardwired no issues at all. GT6 is good specs wise but firmware seems horrendous.
There is finaly a firmware update that fixes a lot of issues according to the changelog. Let's see how it goes.
New firmware still gave issues. Then i swithed wan tot 1gb lan port and the rest of mesh an switches to the 2.5 wan port and low and behold everything works great now. So the fix is switch to ethernet lan 1 under dual wan and enjoy a working gt6 system.

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