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  1. A

    Solved RX-AX86U Port Forward not working (SOLVED)

    Hello, I just switched from a Netgear router to this router today, and immediately after setting it up, I'm faced with an issue. The ports that were open with the previous router won't open with this Asus router even with the router firewall disabled. I tried inputting the internal ports (same...
  2. N

    Feature Request: Export/Import DHCP Manual Addresses and Port Forwarding Config

    When changing routers (different Asus models), I usually manually configure the new router from the old's settings in the Web GUI. There doesn't seem to be a way currently to mass configure the DHCP Manual Addresses (LAN -> DHCP Server -> Manually Assigned IPs) and Port Forwarding (WAN ->...
  3. Kashif Tasneem

    NAS and router security concerns

    Hi. My NAS is Qnap TS-451+ and my router is Asus GT AX-11000. Yesterday I was trying to setup a DDNS on my NAS and opened some ports and enabled UPnP on my router. When I logged into my NAS today, I saw hundreds of failed login attempts from remote IPs. I searched and found out it’s due to...
  4. I

    Asus AC88U loopback, Dnsmasq and Port Forwarding

    Hi everybody, and thanks in advance for your help. I have put a sensor in my mailbox, and I receive notifications when I got a mail (with HomeKit and IFTTT). But, I want to receive a picture from my outdoor camera when the mailbox is opened. So, I've found so local url that give me that...
  5. K

    OpenVPN port-share Slows HTTPS 100x

    When I use OpenVPN's port-share to enable OpenVPN server and an HTTPS web server to share port 443, traffic to my HTTPS web server is 100x slower. Is this just a fact with port-share or can I improve that? I'm running Merlin 384.7_2 on a RT-AC68U. Only my external port 443 is allowed to be...
  6. R

    Port forwarding - Stumped

    I'm trying to help a friend set up a simple IP camera. We had it setup and working at his old place but he just moved and can't get it working with the new ISP/Router. What we are trying to do is port forward so that he can view his cam outside of his LAN. At his new place his ISP is Spectrum...
  7. R

    AC68U Port Forwarding Stops Working

    I saw some other threads on this but they seemed to be specific issues not being set up correctly. I have the latest 384.8_2 though the problem started with my previous version. I have RDP ports forwarded from incoming ports 3390, 3391, 3392, 3394, 3395 to port 3389 on each of five computers...
  8. A

    Problem with port forwarding on ASUS DSL-AC52U router

    I'm trying to forward some ports after changing an old router to the new one. The old one was just an old Linux machine with following firewall rules: # Generated by iptables-save v1.4.12 on Wed Oct 14 10:12:05 2015 *filter : INPUT ACCEPT [53730:18124031] : FORWARD ACCEPT [1072612:870721640] ...
  9. accolito

    [Q] About port wan port-forwaring toggle

    As per subject, does anybody know if the asus router storew wan port forwarding setting enable/disable setting anywhere?
  10. X

    How to do port forwarding on Asus Merlin

    Can someone slow and teach how to do port forwarding on the Asus Merlin firmware?
  11. W

    Rejected one WiFi Router; looking for alternative; UK Virgin SH3 setup

    Hi Folks We are in the UK, have a Virgin Superhub3 and are seeking to introduce a WiFi router after putting it into modem mode. We have already bought one, but have just returned it due to undocumented limitations and poor WiFi performance. So we are looking for alternative recommendations...
  12. H

    Dual WAN and Port Forwarding

    I tried out the Dual WAN feature the other day using an Android phone on USB as Secondary. I have several port forwards which seemed to quit working as long as Dual WAN was enabled (secondary connection was not necessary). The port forwards would not work while using Primary WAN until I...
  13. M

    Opening port to external properly

    Well, I splitted my issue from another thread, as was suggested. I applied the suggested by @ColinTaylor rule to my iptables iptables -I INPUT -i eth0 -p udp -m udp --dport 5060 -j ACCEPT and it was added below the mentioned DROP/LOGDROP rule. And I still cannot access Asterisk from outside...
  14. Nadonate

    RT-AC68U Port Forwarding Problem

    Hello, First time Poster here :) hoping to get some help. First my current specs: Router AC1900 [RT-AC68U] Firmware Asuswrt-Merlin 380.66_6 CFE (Asus) I managed to get the asus CFE and custom firmware on the device by following the excellent guide here. I had an issue moving from...
  15. S

    Port forward through VPN

    I did search on "error 110", "port forward", and "Connection Timed Out" but nothing matches my problem. I'm not sure whether to post on AirVPN or this forum but I'll just post on both. Little background on my network. I use MerlinWRT (Asus Router) plugged after some ZTE router (the one ISP...