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  1. A

    Problem with port forwarding.

    Hello! I've had trouble forwarding a specific port on my router. Can someone point out what I should put in the empty spaces? Thank you!
  2. A

    Problem with port forwarding.

    Hello! I'm new here and I dont really know if im posting in the right place. Basically I have 2 routers at home one of which I use as an extender. The one I'm using as an extender my pc is connected to it. I need to start a server from my pc and do I need to open the port on the extender router...
  3. Mr Solis

    Enabling NAT Acceleration (CTF) breaks Port Forwarding? (RT-AC68U w/ 386.12_4)

    Hi, I've come across an issue with port forwarding not working when IPTraffic is disabled. My intention was to enable CTF to increase throughput. EDIT1: Ahh, further research shows NAT acceleration and port forwarding are incompatible. EDIT2: Why is it that port forwarding for TCP works, but...
  4. E

    Multi source selective port forward?

    Hello. I have a need to forward several ports for a gaming PC. This works well so far on my rt-ax86u on the latest Merlin FW. I see when setting up port forwarding one can add a source IP to make the forwarding selective. Is it possible to enter more than one source IP in this field? Like say...
  5. nothingness

    Problem with reaching Adguard Home from outside home network

    Hello all, Router - ASUS RT-AC86U; Gateway IP - Firmware - Merlin 386.12 updated on September 17th 2023. Issues - Reaching Adguard home from outside the home network A bit of a background about my issue (presented later) - Although I'm in the medical profession, I always felt I had...
  6. greigh

    ASUS Merlin, Home Assistant, and DuckDNS not working with Port Forwarding?

    Hello -- I am not the most tech savy when it comes to this stuff. I had it working at a point a long time ago but I had to remove the Home Assistant due to issues I was having (probably with something I screwed up). But now I can't seem to get this to work from access outside my network. I am...
  7. D

    Is my port forwarding with WireGuard working properly or?

    I have set up a WireGuard connection with port forwarding on my Asus RT-AX86U (with the latest Asuswrt-Merlin firmware). Everything seems to be working great... This is my iptables FORWARD table: As you can see marked in green above the iptables firewall is letting through a ton of packets...
  8. Koishukaze

    Minecraft port forward RT-AX82U

    I am unable to port forward, i have also allowed the firewall so i would like some help, this is a new router and worked before
  9. J

    Solved Friends can't connect to my server with external IP.

    Year after year I have been the one to host a minecraft server for a few weeks when the new minecraft update comes so me and my buddies can have some nostalgia and fun. Every year I set up the server. In my router settings I set the port and double check the if the server's internal ip is still...
  10. AppleBag

    Does switching USB port lose settings?

    Sort of a dumb question, but, last night I wanted to try adding dual WAN (DW). I added my android phone, played a bit, it acted squirrely, so I just turned it back off. Now, all of my forwarded ports are completely gone, and there's no way in H - E - Double Hockey Sticks do I remember offhand...
  11. B

    Port forwarding stops working after a few hours

    RT-AC68U with 386.7_2 – – – – – – I noticed that port forwarding stops working after a few hours on my RT-AC68U router using Merlin v386.7_2. This is whether the port forwarding is activated automatically via UPnP or manually. I tried both. Same result. UPnP auto redirection is activated on...
  12. G

    Solved Port Forwarding not working

    Hy Everybody! I have an ASUS RT-AX56U router with Merlin firmware (ver: 386.7_2). Port forward isn't working. Firewall drop all incoming packets. iptables --list command doesn't contain VSERVER chain. Forward only works after example "iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --destination-port 81 -j ACCEPT"...
  13. dyasny

    AX1800 - port forwarding and other settings aren't reflected in iptables

    Hi all, I've been going back and forth with asus support over this for a while now, and I hope maybe to find help here instead. I've got an AX1800 xd4 router connected to a bridged modem, and everything worked fine until I decided I needed to open a port to an internal machine. So I looked at...
  14. T

    ASUS RT-AC3100 port forward not working

    So I currently have the ASUS RT-AC3100, however I have hit a roadblock. Whenever I turn on port forwarding and put in the port it doesn't work. UPNP works but specifying a manual port just doesn't work. Anyone know what's going on? I have a public IP address, and my isp doesn't block ports. I'm...
  15. B

    RT-AC68U in DMZ, port forwarding

    Hi, I run RT-AC68U with Merlin 384.13 behind my ISP's router. Unfortunately, ISP's router does not have a bridge mode, so I put my RT in DMZ. RT is assigned a stable IP via ISP router's DHCP, uses Automatic IP WAN connection to connect to ISP's router and RT's "public" IP is correct. Everything...
  16. S

    RT AX86U router won't port forward off network

    I have my RT AX86U set up at my girlfriend's apartment and in the past have set it up to port forward ssh on my raspberry pi. I've been trying to debug this for awhile and have a DDNS set up so I can do `ssh user@thisismyddns.asuscomm.com -p 12345`, but if I'm off network I get a connection...
  17. O

    Port forwarding to multiple devices

    Hello, I own a router that my ISP provided me and I would like to port forward the same set of ports to multiple pc's on the same network, Both computers are wire connected to the router, what are my options? I've tried: 1. contacting the ISP in order to provide me another external IP (not an...
  18. H

    How can I restrict incoming IP addresses to ports that have been forwarded?

    I have an NGINX web server running on ports 80 and 443 that I use in conjunction with Cloudflare to externally serve my web applications to my domains/subdomains. Ideally, I'd like to be able to specify that the following list of Cloudflare IP addresses are the only ones allowed through on...
  19. A

    Solved RX-AX86U Port Forward not working (SOLVED)

    Hello, I just switched from a Netgear router to this router today, and immediately after setting it up, I'm faced with an issue. The ports that were open with the previous router won't open with this Asus router even with the router firewall disabled. I tried inputting the internal ports (same...
  20. N

    Feature Request: Export/Import DHCP Manual Addresses and Port Forwarding Config

    When changing routers (different Asus models), I usually manually configure the new router from the old's settings in the Web GUI. There doesn't seem to be a way currently to mass configure the DHCP Manual Addresses (LAN -> DHCP Server -> Manually Assigned IPs) and Port Forwarding (WAN ->...