Flash issue? - Config not saving, VPN Director, hostnames


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Hi , i have issue that when is clean up list of old devices from VPN Director and hit apply, all seems fine

Router: RT-AX88U
Firmware Version:386.4


Soon as i reboot, i have the old list there again :(


Anything else what could be done except "factory reset" and let setup all again?



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The rulelist is stored in a file under /jffs. Maybe it got corrupted. You can clear it w/ the following command and reboot.

> /jffs/openvpn/vpndirector_rulelist


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cat /dev/null > ?


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Thanks seems like something is messed up, as the file has 2018 date.

I also having issue that Hostnames are not visible via command line, AiMesh is loosing connection after restart....

Maybe a time to factory reset and setup all again, perhaps after many FW updates something got broken


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If you did a dirty upgrade, this can sometimes result in weird problems. That why some us always recommend a clean upgrade, esp. if moving up from something older than the immediately prior release. Just too many things can go wrong otherwise. Stuff you won't even necessarily notice until later, much further down the road.


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Dirty upgrade means if i'm on 386.2 and i upgrade via UI to 386.3?

I was upgrading this way multiple times...

It's bit pain in the butt to Factory reset and setup everything from scratch all the time...DHCP client list manually type all again :( as it seems YazDHCP is not working now


I did factory reset and seems fine, even other issues are gone like missing names in hostnames, AiMesh works after restart....

i realise that : JFFS format after boot not working...from some reason , it get cleared only via factory reset.

After 1st Factory Reset my router i put few hostname entries in WebUI - into DHCP Server, then reboot, add few more and after other reboot those from 2nd entries are gone.
Like is not writing them to "disk/file".

so i re-flashed FW , again factory and now seems fine.

Problem is that as im setting up all the options, then after restart i find out something was not saved...really messy to repeat all those steps over and over.


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something is still wrong...

I change hostname and after restart is old value again :(

I changed Web History to - ON, after restart is OFF again

Like is not saving from point in time at all...
Seems like after factory reset initial settings are being saved, but after reboot all other changed are ignored.
Can is be the "local disk" failure or something and how to find out?



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Check the Internal Storage at Tools - System Information.

Look for errors in System Log - General Log.


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Hmm, is it possible the OP has exhausted the write capability of his flash? Never seen it happen, but it certainly is theoretically possible. But for such a modern router, it seems so unlikely. Not unless some script or other process hammered it, perhaps to store a log file or something similar. That's why I always am careful about where my scripts write.

I would see if the OP can save *anything* to jffs.

echo 'test' > /jffs/test.txt
cat /jffs/test.txt


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Im able to write that file, even im adding extra script to handle routing.


I re-flashed original "FW_RT_AX88U_300438646065" did some settings , few restarts

Tried to enable WebHistory, fine after restart...then i added more hostnames, TrafficAnalyzer, Apps analysis, QoS....after restart all OFF , newly added hostnames also gone :(

Always same pattern few restarts and after it wont remember/save anything new :(

added log.txt if you might see something...

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