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Geek suggestions re AP/Bridge/Relays

Discussion in 'Wireless Buying Advice' started by lauzer, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. lauzer

    lauzer New Around Here

    Jan 13, 2013
    Hi Guys,

    Easily the best place on the net for this type of question- good to see there's some really decent people here willing to help alleviate the frustration of getting it right! After several 4-5 hour research sessions, I am still unable to work out what I'm sure one with more knowledge will be able to answer in minutes, so, thank you in advance for your time and any suggestions you may have.

    So, I'm currently, temporarily living in a block of flats with a landlord who won't allow any tweaking to his Virgin Media 100mps fiber router, thus, I'm trying to pick up that signal sufficient in my small flat and have my own private network. I have already sourced the perfect antennas so just need the perfect router or AP/Bridge/Relay.

    Ultimately I'd like it to have at least two external antennas docks to pick up the 'weak' signal sufficiently and plug each of my wired devices in, I presume, via Gigabit ports. The dream on top of that would be to have one of the antennas catch the signal from downstairs and the other antenna transmit that wirelessly within my small flat, alongside the wired devices.

    I've studied the charts extensively & read the reviews, but to no avail. I'd like to achieve this as cheap as possible but 'will' spend anything if it is desperately required to achieve the fastest connection to his 100mb fiber connection. Been struggling to fully understand AP, Bridge & Relay routers but it would make sense for it to act as a standard high-performing router too when I finally move and get my own ISP.

    Thank-you so so much once again for any suggestion you have, especially if they are a cheaper option(everything in my flat is black so any other colored router would stick out like a sore thumb, hence, a big no no- hehe.)

    Respectfully yours,

  2. stevech

    stevech Part of the Furniture

    Mar 13, 2010
    San Diego
    did you consider a double-NAT scheme? You use a router. It's WAN port goes to a WiFi-bridge or wired connection to the landlord's router. Your own router creates a new subnet (number) for wired and WiFi PCs/handhelds.

    It gets complex if you have a server of any kind, or IP camera, to be visible to the Internet. If not, it should be OK.
  3. lauzer

    lauzer New Around Here

    Jan 13, 2013
    Many thanks for the swift response Steve.

    So, am I right in assuming the following is required to facilitate these scenarios:

    _Scenario 1
    Buy 2x routers, one in 'bridge' mode picking up the landlords wi-fi and the other connected to that via WAN port to allow wi-fi in my flat alongside the wired devices- resulting in double cost & 1x router surplus to requirements when I acquire my own ISP.

    _Scenario 2
    Forget about wi-fi in my flat for now and just purchase 1x router in AP or bridge mode with good 'WAN to LAN' score through gigabit ports to my wired devices.

    Obviously wi-fi in my flat would be preferable as otherwise my home-automation project will be delayed somewhat. Is there no router that can use one antenna to capture a wi-fi signal and the other antenna to transmit? I'm happy to flex my inner-geek with any complex tweaking and/or additional firmware.

    Thanks once again for any assistance,


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