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GT6 vs GT-AX6000 cpu performance

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Good morning everyone.
I would like to understand the difference in power between the two CPU and RAM.
I haven't found a comparison test.
Which of the two routers performs better?
Thanks in advance.
Your link:
So, 1.7GHz tri-core (GT6) vs. 2GHz quad-core (GT-AX6000). With the latter having double the RAM.

It's not just the 0.3GHz difference between the processors that make the GT-AX6000 superior. And double the RAM (at 1GB) is barely enough for today's routers.

In other words, forget about the GT6 today. With a single 2.5GbE WAN/LAN port, not only is it an unbalanced hardware offering, but it is inferior at every other important checkbox listing too.
I think the GT6 is targetted at a very clearly defined market sector:
Families with teenage boys who computer game in their bedrooms, where the family doesn't want to run a cable to the room - hence the mesh!
Looks like overpriced version of already overpriced XT8 with one better 4-stream radio and a ton of gaming marketing around it.

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