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RT-AC68u 386.12 Ovpn client down after few days

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Hello ,
I used VPN client on RT-ac68u 386.7.2 ( to another remote RT-AC68u 386.7.2 (OVPN server mode lan with no issue for a long time . I upgraded the router to FW 386.11 on a fresh install ( hard reset + fw upgrade+ hard reset again + new manual conf for client , nat etc ... ) . The VPN seems to still be connected in GUI after few days but ping does not work to after few days . Doing a manual vpn off then on will make things working again and a few days after , ping does not work again and vpn client is still on . I upgraded to 386.12 and the issue is the same .
What goes wrong , and how to fix it ?
Many thnaks for your help

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